CSKA. Without arrogance

Kusov came to this school a little later, when I quit football.- ?!- Did not see prospects. The first six months I played as a striker, then a second goalkeeper got a concussion, and the gate put me in the highest. However, to the top levels did not succeed, and decided that to be a footballer - no luck. Fortunately, before this, during one of the Republican tournament in which I played for the second team of "Youth", I noticed coach Vladikavkaz DYUSSH "Spartak" Valery Gorokhov, remember, found the address and came to visit. Persuaded to try to return. By the way, CSKA plays another Vladikavkaz the 81st year of birth - Gogniev. But he is unlike us with Kasowym graduated from high school "Youth".- Back to the match with Spartak. Who do you consider the most dangerous in the opponent team?- Pavlyuchenko, with our Kasowym and Gogniev of the same age. We often played on the same team in the compositions of the Junior and youth teams, and this day will be on different sides of the barricades. In addition, allocated Titov and Baranova with his strongest long-range shot.- What a meeting with the Spartacists do you remember most?- Last year, of course, in which we won. But the match of the first round in 2000, when my "Alania" in Moscow lost to Spartak - 1:3, will long remain in the memory. That winter, I often went to the youth team, and head coach Vladimir Guzaev was going to bet on Uzbek goalkeeper Bungalow. He spoke directly: Mandrykin another two or three years should be fun to play for the reserves. But, given my strong action in the last two test matches, trusted place at the gate at the Luzhniki stadium. It was probably the only chance to gain a foothold in the composition. Play badly, probably for a long time would be in stock. And although we lost, I had a good game. (] Then received from 7,0 "SE". - Approx. K. A.) and quite meeting in the next season, when we played in Moscow in a draw - 1:1. So, in the matches against Spartak in my account - defeat, a draw and a win. And by difference of goals the balance in my favor (laughs).- No worries that bad start Spartak will discourage CSKA? A week ago a similar thing happened with our team.- Would not have conducted the Parallels. And the fact that the red-whites don't have a single victory, must not be discouraged, on the contrary, to set a serious way. About a wounded beast, no wonder they say. Would prefer to meet with Spartak after two victories this command.- Players of the Russian national team, playing in CSKA is already recovered after the defeat in Albania?- Communication with those who are not a part of our team, a distraction from the sad thoughts. By the way, don't agree that indication of the hopelessness of our game is one hit on target Albanians. Don't forget: after a few blows Tochilin, Beschastnykh Kerzhakov and the ball was flying dangerously close to the rods.- From the locker room Russians were forty minutes. Was a serious debriefing?- No. No one, as Alex Ferguson, boots not rushed. Gazzaev at cross Creek. Just need to wash up, to gather, to talk a little bit...Konstantin ALEXEEV, Yuri BUTNEW.

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