Celtic loses and says goodbye to the thought about the championship

Celtic loses and says goodbye to the thought about the championshipCeltic loses all that is possible. Having played a draw at home in the UEFA Cup semi-finals with Boavista FC, the team put itself in a difficult position. And now the misfire in the Scottish League, which seems to have been fatal for them. Celtic lost to "Heart 2-1, burying hope for the title. Moreover, the "Celts" were leading after the end of the hour Larsson scored his duty ball, using the pass Agatha. But the Englishman Phil stamp equalized in the 73rd minute, and Austin McCann scored the winning goal at last.After the defeat of Celtic behind Rangers 8 points, have a game in hand. Читать полностью -->

Roni: will Appear on grass fields, will be more fun to play

Roni: will Appear on grass fields, will be more fun to playTake 25-year-old striker of the Kazan club in the match against vladikavkazski included the first and fourth goal of the owners. Opened the scoring Roni, implementing the penalty awarded by the referee for a foul against it. And a point in the game put the potters kick from the penalty area.Talk with the striker managed yesterday morning. Because its Russian lexicon does not exceed fifty words, came to the aid Leandro Zamaroni - probably, the most Russified of our football Brazilians and performing in his own words, "Ruby", function translator from Portuguese. The conversation began with Roni with the themes of his family.- Your team-mates after the match with vladikavkazski joked that a brace you helped the emergence in Russia of his wife and daughters.- Yes, the arrival of the family very happy. Long time no see, so very bored. Читать полностью -->

Gregorini not know where Manchester

Gregorini not know where ManchesterRumors that head coach Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson wants to see as the successor of Fabien Barthez Keeper "nice" Damien, Gregorini has come to France. Myself 23-year-old goalkeeper, who is called the opening of the season, believes the probability of its appearance in "MU" is zero."I don't know where Manchester is. Don't be surprised, I've always difficult given the geography. Who Ferguson doesn't, either. It seems that one of the characters of Louis De Funes," said Gregorini in an interview with one of the French Newspapers. "But seriously, I'm certainly flattered by interest me a great club "Manchester United" and attention of sir Alex. Читать полностью -->

Ilyumzhinov talked to Shalimov

Ilyumzhinov talked to ShalimovToday was held the meeting of President of FC Uralan Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with guiding and coaching staff: Igor Shalimov, Yuri seslavin, Nikolai Pisarev and Leonid Slutsky.The meeting adopted a decision to raise the reserve team to the games core team. Team captain, taking into account the opinion of fans, appointed Ruslan Adzhindzhal. In addition, the second coach of the team decided to appoint Edward Bogdanov.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Inter are interested in the players Arsenal

Inter are interested in the players ArsenalSports Director Milan "inter" Marco Branca has admitted that his club is interested in the services of two players of Arsenal - Robert Pires and Fredrik Wegberg. Next week the Italians plan to start negotiations, hoping to get at least one of the gunners. It is possible that as payment for the player inter will send one of their players into the camp of the gunners, according to soccerage.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Porto won the UEFA Cup

Porto won the UEFA Cup1:0 Derlei, 45; 1:1 Larsson, 47; 2:1 Alenichev, 54; 2:2 Larsson, 57; 3:2 Derlei, 115. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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