AragonГs sacked as coach of Atletico Madrid

AragonГs sacked as coach of Atletico MadridAtletico Madrid took a sensational decision to fire head coach Luis aragonГs, according to Tribalfootball. About the decision of the club aragonГs learned from the letter."The news really surprised us," said the press Secretary of the coach, especially after we spent so much time to negotiate a contract for next season. We were told that Luis will no longer work with the team and what the compensation will be agreed".Aragones does not preclude the trial with the club.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Bayern is interested in purchasing Roy Makaay

Bayern is interested in purchasing Roy MakaayOnce again became German champion Bayern Munich is interested in buying Spanish striker "Deportivo" Roy Makaay applying this year for the Golden boot. "Mackay is a very interesting player, and when a convenient opportunity, we'd love to have acquired," he said in an interview with the weekly "Kicker" mentor "Bavaria" Ottmar Hitzfeld, 28-year-old striker club from La Coruna not interested in a contract extension with his team, and if the representatives Bayern will be able to agree with him, the Dutchman can move to Munich before the expiration of the contract with Deportivo signed up to 2005.The reason the deal, the player may not take place, was and still is the conviction of the President of Bayern Munich Franz Beckenbauer that his club needs no partner for Brazilian striker Giovanni Elber, with 16 goals become this year's leading scorer in the Bundesliga. If Hitzfeld will be able to convince "Kaiser Franz" in the right, the problems with the transition Dipping into the camp, the German Champions will arise.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Antonio Di Natale buries Milan

Antonio Di Natale buries MilanFor 5 rounds before the end of the Italian season, there are only 2 contender for the title - Juventus and inter. "Milan", the "San Siro" lost "Empoli", hopelessly behind from yesterday's competitors in the battle for the coveted trophy, which is the scudetto. Pre-Easter tour was rather dramatic and sensational. "Milan" for the first time in its history in the home match lost "Empoli". In the 12th minute, the forward visitors Antonio Di Natale scored the only and fatal for the team Ancelotti goal. Moreover, the goal was rather dubious: not been disallowed for offside Di Natale. Читать полностью -->

Arsenal will move to the new stadium in 2006

Arsenal will move to the new stadium in 2006The new stadium Arsenal will be ready by 2006. About this guide the gunners said Wednesday. In mid-April, the London club bosses acknowledged that during the construction of the new arena had problems because they underestimated the complexity of the project, which is estimated at ?400 million, and, in particular, infrastructure.However, according to the latest statements of the leaders of Arsenal's future stadium "Ashburton grove" will be put into operation as planned, at the beginning of season 2006/ 07.According to the Directors of the London club Ken Friar and Danny Figman, at the end of the current year work associated with the new arena project and the relocation of the gunners, will resume. They also expressed confidence that the club will receive a stadium that will become the new home of Arsenal.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Ukraine. Dynamo - champion

The Championship Of Ukraine. Dynamo - champion1:0 Aliyev, 10; 2:0 Guliyev, 12; 2:1 Nazarenko, 20; 3:1 Aliyev, 27; 4:1 Sinkam, 50; 4:2 ZADOROZHNY, 58; 4:3 Ezerski, 64; 4:4 Nazarenko, 70; 4:5 Rotan, 83 1:0 Bessarab, 70; 1:1 Polishchuk, 87 1:0 Shatskih, 8; 2:0 Shatskih, 22; 3:0 Fedorov, 41; 3:1 Palyanytsya, 46; 3:2 Poskota, 60; 4:2 Belkevich, 76 0:1 Jurka, 15; 1:1 Swede, 42; 2:1 Jovicevic, 54; 3:1 Kovalchuk, 78; 3:2 Zhilin, 90 0:1 Kosarin, 52; 0:2 Gilazi, 74; 0:3 Kolchin, 76; 1:3 Borisenko, 87; 1:4 Balabanov, 89; 2:4 Andrienko, 90 1:0 Visevic, 27; 1:1 Gaydash, 52 0:1 Gamerule, 21; 0:2 Tkachenko, 36; 0:3 Demetradze, 45 1:0 Belik, 15; 2:0 Lewandowski, 45; 3:0 Guy, 87. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ferguson calls his guys to concentrate on the Premier League matches

Ferguson calls his guys to concentrate on the Premier League matchesCoach Manchester United Manager sir Alex Ferguson has urged his boys not to despair because of the departure from the quarter-finals of the Champions League and play at the highest level in the League game against Tottenham, which will be held on Sunday.At the moment, "Manchester United" is leading in the standings, ahead of defending champion England Arsenal to three points. However, unlike Alex, who remained three games before the end of the season, the London club then there were four."Now we need to concentrate on the last three games of the season. We had hoped that there will be six, but only three. Fortunately, the team is in good shape, and we can increase the number of goals that we can become very important. Sometimes the lesion has much to teach you. Such a disappointment, as in the match against real Madrid, can help you to grow and become even better. Читать полностью -->

The locomotive came two Czech footballer

The locomotive came two Czech footballerOn Thursday evening, in the location of "Locomotive" arrived at the view two Czech striker: 27-year-old Stanislav Vlcek from "Sigma" (Olomouc), which was held in the Czech League 273 matches and scored 47 goals (2 in the season), and his former teammate, 25-year-old Marek Heinz, who last three seasons he played for Hamburg.Just in the Bundesliga Heinz, twice coming on as a substitute in a friendly match for the Czech national team, played 66 games and scored 5 goals. In the last championship striker completes the season on loan in Armenia", in 25 games failed to score even once.According to sports Director of "Locomotive" Boris Ignatiev, a decision on each of the attackers will be made after weeks of watching.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Costa Rica-Paraguay: friendly match stats

Costa Rica-Paraguay: friendly match statsCosta Rica 2 - Winston parks 36, TRAI Bennett Aragvi 1 - Julio Cesar Caceres most Rica: ГЎlvaro Mesen; Luis Marin, Mauricio Wright, Gilberto Martinez, Daniel Vallejos; Walter Centeno (Danny Fonseca 70), Carlos Castro (TRAI Bennett, 56), Wilmer Lopez (Jafet Soto, 56), Leonardo Gonzalez; Winston parks (Eric Scott, 46), Rolando Fonseca. Paraguay: Jose Luis Chilavert (Ricardo Tavarelli, 46); Emilio Martinez, Ruben Maldonado, Paulo Da Silva, Julio Cesar Caceres; Victor Quintana, Jorge Brites (Nelson ISASI, 64), Pablo JimГnez (Jorge Campos, 46) Victor Hugo Ortiz Ortiz; Fredy Bareiro, Salvador CabaГ±as (Erwin'avalos, 78).Referee: Walter Quesada (Costa Rica).. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Raul will miss the match against Manchester United because of the surgery

Raul will miss the match against Manchester United because of the surgeryDisappointing news for fans of real Madrid were obtained from the capital of Spain. On Monday after an acute attack of appendicitis was hospitalized attacker "Royal club" Raul. The player has operated the head of the medical Department of the club Alfonso Del Kollar.This means that one of the leaders of the "real" miss critical response quarterfinal Champions League match against Manchester United. The club promised later to inform the public about the state of the player. A spokesman for the club has made the following statement: "I am not a doctor, but I can confidently say that Raul will not play".The loss of Raul may not be a disaster for a club like real Madrid. Nevertheless, the Spanish striker is a charismatic figure in his club, and his replacement is clearly not simple.. Читать полностью -->

Platt wants to lead the national team of England

Platt wants to lead the national team of EnglandThe head coach of the youth national team of England David Platt expressed a desire one day to lead the national team of England. Moreover, he wished to take the reins directly from Sven Goran Eriksson."If I could choose I would want to train, then I would choose England. To coach the national team of their country is the greatest achievement for a coach, and I will try to reach these heights," said Platt."I like my job with the youth team, but every man, becoming a coach, dreams of a national sbarnhill led the British youth team in July 2001, won her first four matches and managed to lead the team in the final of the European championship 2002.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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