Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano: after the match

Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano: after the matchMorientes:"These two goals is the best way to celebrate my birthday, this is the best gift; although the best gift was, after all, win. The winner was real Madrid. The match was difficult and, thanks to God, having done a lot of work, we managed to fight back and win."""We know that the team is very strong competition. To score the way I did it is the best thing that can happen to any player. Previously, I celebrated the goals of my friends. Now I celebrate my own."The one who did not watch this match, you may see it in the images is quite deceptive, but this is the greatness of football. Читать полностью -->

The composition of the Bulgarian team for the match against Albania

The composition of the Bulgarian team for the match against AlbaniaGoalkeepers: Stoyan Kolev (CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria), Dimitar Ivankov (Levski Sofia, Bulgaria)Defenders: Radostin Kishishev (Charlton athletic, England), Rosen Kirilov, Zlatomir Zagorec (nece - Lovech, Bulgaria), Predrag Pazin (Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine), Georgi Petrov (Sanoin, China), Ivaylo Petkov (Istanbulspor, Turkey), Ilian Stoyanov (Levski Sofia, Bulgaria)Midfielders: Krassimir Balakov (Stuttgart, Germany), Daniel Borimirov (1860 Munich, Germany), Milen Petkov (AEK Athens, Greece), Stilian Petrov (Celtic, Scotland), Svetoslav Petrov (CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria), Georgi Peev (Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine)forwards: Dimitar Berbatov (Leverkusen, Germany), Georgi Chilikov (Levski Sofia, Bulgaria), Martin Petrov (Wolfsburg, Germany), Velizar Dimitrov (CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria), Svetoslav Todorov (Portsmouth, England). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pirlo returns to service

Pirlo returns to serviceThe Italian midfielder Milan's Andrea Pirlo said it will be in the ranks for the semi-final matches of his team in the Champions League against countrymen, inter players". Recall that up to this time it was reported that the midfielder will miss the remainder of the season due to a knee injury picked up during the first quarterfinal match of the Champions League with the Amsterdam Ajax. But Pirlo today already started training his team and expects to be out on the field sooner than expected."Now I feel better. No longer feel pain in the knee, and, fortunately, no longer need surgery. Even I can be fit in a Saturday meeting of Serie a against Como, but the coach will probably give me the chance to play in matches against inter," said Pirlo.. . Читать полностью -->

Italian media does not fall into the euphoria of victory over the Finns

Italian media does not fall into the euphoria of victory over the FinnsItalian media have expressed mixed feelings about the victory of the "Mondial Italy over Wales 2-0."Totti class, Vieri goals, Trapattoni - whistles; it was just like a match Italy - Ecuador", exclaims the newspaper "Controcampo' comparing this game with the first match of the Italians in world Cup 2002.However, the same newspaper writes that this result should not act Samusocial: "We run the risk of falling into a new collective relaxation, the consequences of which can be similar to Korean. The tactics of the game remains more or less the same, the only difference is that the players want to fight back all the critics. But will that be enough?", asks the newspaper."Gazzetta dello Sport" also agrees with the view that it is too early to draw conclusions, although it recognized that the victory is likely to become a new starting point. "It will take four nights in such Palermo to lift our spirits and to climb the table, as Wales has shown that it will be very difficult to catch up."". . . Читать полностью -->

They are not afraid of the dentist in the match with Bayern

They are not afraid of the dentist in the match with BayernIt so happened that most of the meetings between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern, served Markus Merk, who by profession is a dentist. Remarkably, all three games serviced by Markus Merk, Dortmund team suffered a defeat from Bayern. Now wards of Matthias Sammer sitting in third place in the standings of the Bundesliga, trailing the leader, Bayern's 15 points."I'm glad the game will serve such a qualified referee, Markus Merk," said Sammer.The confrontation of these two teams has always been the center of attention. In recent years, the advantage in personal fights on the side of Bayern. By the way, Borussia at home against Bayern last won in 1996 year."At the moment we can't become a obstacle for Bayern, even if they will lose points in tomorrow's match, still the champion of the Bundesliga will be for them," added the coach of Dortmund."Borussia" in tomorrow's confrontation will play without goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, who has a hip injury. His place will be taken by Roman Weidenfeller. Читать полностью -->

Fire Koroman: Waiting for calls from Serbia

Fire Koroman: Waiting for calls from SerbiaMidfielder Dynamo fire Koroman missed the first three matchdays for disqualification. This tournament cut the team of Viktor Prokopenko passed without loss. But - here's the paradox! - when Koroman returned to service, the team to win ceased. And here in Elista, the Dynamo finally defeated along with the Yugoslavs, and he showed last year's game by scoring two goals and becoming one of the heroes of the tour.- I really liked the field in Elista, said yesterday Koroman the correspondent "SE".- It is one of the best we've played this season.- That is, it is because the field Dynamo was nearly all?" Including. It looks like it is just perfect for our team.- Coach Uralan" Igor Shalimov was going to preach in Russia, the Italian model of football, with particular emphasis on protection. However, Dynamo managed to score five goals...- don't know what there intended to do Uralan, but my team showed the football of a higher class. Читать полностью -->

Manufactured plastic football team of Russia

Manufactured plastic football team of RussiaMade the first batch of plastic figures of players in the national team of Russia on football. It includes such famous masters of leather ball, as Dmitry Loskov, Sergei Ovchinnikov, Sergei Semak, Alexei Smertin and others.As told to the correspondent of RIA "Novosti" one of the authors of the idea, the head of the manufacturer company "Siren" Vladimir Morozov, figure height - 7 cm, they are made of soft plastic and are the first of a series of similar gifts that will make up the collection of the "League of stars", which will include also the famous Russian athletes football, hockey, volleyball and basketball clubs.According to Morozov, the process of production figures is quite time-consuming. The work begins with photos of the character into a design layout. And only after 2-3 months, the light appears ready figure. And, as he said the author of the project, while, unfortunately, have to use the services of Chinese artists, whose services cheaper and better domestic producers.. . Читать полностью -->

Dzodzuashvili gave the Rotor a trap

Dzodzuashvili gave the Rotor a trap"Alania" was to prove the randomness of the recent victory over Spartak, especially in the case of a regular win, she was finally able to protect themselves from the state of outsiders.the, which always fell on the starts of the three previous seasons. "Rotor", by contrast, is already thinking about how to get out of the back of the standings. It is with this thought he arrived in Vladikavkaz, especially that from the first minutes of the match, the circumstances were in favor of the cuts." And all because when dzodzuashvili "Alania" began to preach defensive football, even playing at home.Report match is no exception. From the outset, Vladikavkaz gave the advantage to the opponent, almost the whole team went on their half of the field teams and forward only Ashvetia Yes Mr mikholap that from time to time be given the opportunity to counterattack.However, in the first half lunges "Alania" special acuity had not, therefore, "Rotor", not particularly worried about the rear, a large force was coming forward. But to realize the territorial advantage in dangerous scoring chances and failed. Yes, and "Alania" is not particularly excelled in the creation, and therefore the first 45 minutes the audience was that bored. Читать полностью -->

Facchetti: to Coach inter is much more complicated than Juve or Milan

Facchetti: to Coach inter is much more complicated than Juve or MilanGiacinto Facchetti, Vice-President of inter, "Yes, trauma Vieri is certainly not a serious loss. After all, he is now regarded as the strongest striker in Europe, and maybe in the world. We hope to be able to reach the final, where he will help us. His injury is treated only by time - 20 days it will be ready. Then, in nine games, where Vieri did not participate, we only lost one. Our forwards are almost always able to adequately replace him. Читать полностью -->

CSKA. Without arrogance

CSKA. Without arroganceAbout Spartak - exclusively with uvageniem army camp not even a hint of negligent attitude. About Spartak CSKA players say let them reluctantly, but respectful. Still, the nine-time champion! Bad start of the red-whites belong to the category of accidents and Sunday don't expect an easy ride. Worried about the quality of the field at the stadium "Dynamo" and categorically reject all talk about what a bad pitch, he says, support for their team.- None of us are promised to defeat Spartak with the score 4:0, as wrote one newspaper. The match will be difficult, and we'll be satisfied with any victory. Читать полностью -->

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