Chelsea intends to persuade Zolu to stay

Chelsea intends to persuade Zolu to stayThe Chelsea Manager Claudio Ranieri expressed hope that Gianfranco Zola will remain at the club if they can get into the Champions League, according to soccerage. Zola has delighted the fans with a beautiful goal vs Everton, and Ranieri said he counted on his compatriot. Victory over Liverpool club allowed Chelsea to reach the third place in the table. "I need him, because he plays beautifully and is the hallmark of Chelsea. We must persuade the President to stay at the club," said Ranieri. At the moment, Zola is the best scorer in the League.. Читать полностью -->

Torpedo-metallurg - Saturn-REN TV: match stats

Torpedo-metallurg - Saturn-REN TV: match statsTorpedo-metallurg - Saturn-REN TV 2:3 goals: Monari, 1; Leonov, 14 - rebezha, 81; Pavlovich, 85; Medvedev, thorpedo-Metallurgist: Novosadov, Smirnov, shoustikov, rizvic, Korytko, Cossacks, Rekhviashvili, Leonov (Ohanian, 73), Karnaukhov (Komadina, 87), Katic (Kovalev, 42), Moorestown-REN TV: Chizhov, JoviД‡, jeder, Malay, Bazaev, Y. Amoako (Bystrov, 28), rebezha, Hidalgo (Medvedev, 76), Muratovic, da Silva (p. 46), Rogachevwine: Katic, 5; Rekhviashvili, 9; Ohanian, 75; Karnaukhov, 80 - Hidalgo, 13; Pavlovich, budha: Egorov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)Moscow. "Torpedo" to them. Eduard Streltsov. . Читать полностью -->

Verone: Ferguson catches in the locker room bottles

Verone: Ferguson catches in the locker room bottlesThe Argentine midfielder of Manchester United" Juan Sebastian Veron told that one day in the locker room barely able to Dodge plastic bottles, launched by sir Alex Ferguson. Although this episode is not threatened him an injury, as in the case of David Beckham, Argentinian, according to him, have experienced a kind of culture shock, reported Soccernet."Bottle constantly flying in the locker room," said Veron in an interview with the Mirror. "I once had to Dodge one, which flew past my head. Ferguson is not aiming at anyone specifically, but just throws them. Sometimes he looks a bit aloof, then he comes up to you and just says something, but sometimes loses composure and bottle throwing. But I don't pay attention to it. Читать полностью -->

Zlatan, Kivu and van Hoydonck disqualified

Zlatan, Kivu and van Hoydonck disqualifiedThe Dutch Football Association decided to take some serious punishment to key players clubs fighting for the title. The reason for that was the skirmish players in the semifinal match of the Amstel Cup between Ajax and Feyenoord".The most serious penalty received Ajax striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will now be forced to miss the next 5 matches. When you consider that earlier pathmatcher disqualification got another amsterdammer Mido, it can be assumed possible "headache" Ajax coach Ronald Koeman.In addition, teammate Zlatan, and in combination, and the captain of the Amsterdam team, Cristian Chivu also will be forced to serve disqualificatio a duration of 3 match.Do not stay aside and players "Feyenoord": the star of the Rotterdam club Pierre van Hooijdonk too will miss the next 3 matches.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Turkey shelters Israelis

Turkey shelters IsraelisThe final two home matches of the UEFA Euro 2004 team of Israel will hold in Antalya, Turkey.In Turkey Israel will Slovenia (June 7) and Malta (September 10). In Antalya will be played and the matches of the European championship among youth teams of these countries on 6 June and 9 September.UEFA has agreed to host matches in Antalya and received the necessary assurances from the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkey and the Football Association of the country.The Israeli football Association was also considered a variant of the final home matches of the national team in Georgia, but eventually settled on Turkey. The previous match "in his field" Israelis held with the French in the Italian Palermo. Ban UEFA in Israel international matches caused by the unstable situation in the middle East.On Wednesday in Palermo will be the closest qualifying match Israelis against Cyprus. Youth teams in the same day will play in another Sicilian city of Trapani.. . Читать полностью -->

The Italian League. Juventus won the scudetto

The Italian League. Juventus won the scudetto0:1 Inzaghi, 45 pen.; 0:2 Favalli, 64 1:0 Appiah, 84 1:0 Kallon, 36; 1:1 Mutu, 66 0:1 Franceschini, 8; 0:2 Luciano, 18; 0:3 Franceschini, 39; 0:4 He Also Noted That 46; 1:4 Amoruso, 48; 2:4 Caccia, 82 0:1 Di Michele, 68; 1:1, Hubner, 74; 2:1, Hubner, 77; 2:2 Mozart, 79 1:0 Cassano, 31; 2:0 Rossi, 60; 3:0 Cassano, 64; 3:1 Frezza, 82 0:1 Camara, 39; 1:1 Pizzaro, 41 pen.; 2:1 Muzzy, 62 1:0 Trezeguet, 23 pen.; 1:1 Miccoli, 34; 2:1 Di VAIO, 49; 2:2 Grosso, 89. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ireland and Switzerland have not played into the hands of the Russian national team

Ireland and Switzerland have not played into the hands of the Russian national teamIn the 10th qualifying group for Euro 2004, where she is a Russian national team, has completed two matches that are of great importance in the distribution of seats in the standings. Switzerland won against Albanians 3:2 (Haas, 10; fry, 33; cabaГ±as, 72 - Lala, 23, Scala, 86-pen), and the Irish - the team of Georgia 2:0 (Doherty, 43; Robbie Keane, 60). Thus, the Swiss strengthened its leadership position, they have 12 points after 6 matches, and the Irish have 10 points after 6 games, and they beat the team of Russia, but the Russians have a game in hand.. . . . Читать полностью -->