Roman Abramovich: I bought Chelsea for fun

Roman Abramovich: I bought Chelsea for funRoman Abramovich bought the English soccer club Chelsea, not because of the prospect of making money, but for fun and winning trophies". This is a Russian businessman said in an interview with the BBC.Answering the question of economic correspondent Jeff Randall about whether Abramovich to gain financial profit from this transaction, the Russian tycoon replied with a smile, "this transaction is made not for the sake of money". "I have a lot a lot less risky ways to make money than this. I don't want to throw good money after bad, but this deal done for fun. Under the amusements I mean trophies and victory".Explaining the decision to buy British club, not a team from Russia, Abramovich said that he supports Chelsea. The new owner of a controlling stake stated that he is very happy as it has been the dream of owning one of the largest football clubs in England.". Читать полностью -->

The first division. Today 7th round

The first division. Today 7th roundGazovik-Gazprom - Torch-Woroniuk. Central Republican stadium "Gazovik-Gazprom". 17.00.Face-to-face meetings in Izhevsk( 0=1-3, 0-7): 1996 - 0:0. 1998 - 0:3. 1999 - 0:3. Читать полностью -->

Torpedo-metallurg not going to part with Aleynikov

Torpedo-metallurg not going to part with AleynikovFC torpedo-metallurg" denied reports about the resignation of coach Sergey Aleynikov. As reported in the press service of the club that have appeared in the media about that "Aleynikov allegedly removed from his post as coach of the team not true."According to General Manager torpedo-metallurg" Yuri Belous, "the credibility of Sergei Aleinikov great, and no personnel changes in the coaching staff of the team is not going to happen." The next match in the Premier League "metallurgists", after four rounds scored only two points, spend at home on Saturday, April 19, against suburban "Saturn-REN TV".. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Mutko not already have 250 thousand

Mutko not already have 250 thousandThe attack on the President of "Zenit" Vitaly Mutko in the form of threats from "four former athletes," he hoped to seize 250 thousand dollars and pretty to undermine the reputation of Zenit boss, apparently drowned. According to information from the St. Petersburg newspaper "Smena", in Dzerzhinsky Federal district court, of any claims by the affected creditors, which previously was reported in the press, there is not known. But really resorted to the court Stepan Kresevic, head of team in the era of Pavel Sadyrin, withdrew its claim after the conclusion of the settlement agreement.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Scottish Cup. The semi-finals

The Scottish Cup. The semi-finalsGlasgow Rangers - Motherwell 4:Holy: Konterman 2 (1:0), Craig 15 (1:1), McFadden 27 (1:2), Mols 56 (2:2), Amoruso 60 (3:2), Partridge 73 goal (4:2), Adams 90 (4:3)the Second semi-final will be held on April 20:INVERNESS - DUNDEE#Source 0 #. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Olympique de Marseille wants to buy Luisao

Olympique de Marseille wants to buy LuisaoAccording to the French newspaper "l'equipe" Marseille wants to buy a defender of the national team of Brazil and Cruzeiro, Luisao. Twenty-two soccer "they perfectly holds the current season in your team, causing it drew the attention of several European clubs. Recall that on Wednesday, Luisao took part in a friendly match against Brazil with the national team of Mexico. It remains to add that the Brazilian defender can replace Marseille Belgian Marseille striker Daniel van Buyten, which at the end of this season, likely to leave the club.. . . Читать полностью -->

Hierro and Del Bosque about the injury Raul

Hierro and Del Bosque about the injury RaulThe coach of real Madrid's Vicente Del Bosque said that he was absolutely shocked by the news about the injury Raul: "I'm in a small shock, but we are professionals and should continue preparations for the match without Raul. For us this is a big loss, but we can replace our forward a decent footballer," said Del Bosque."Now we just have to beat Manchester United and to dedicate this victory to Raul," said Fernando Hierro.David. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Tchoice allowed to play for Russia

Tchoice allowed to play for RussiaThe FIFA Executive Committee at the meeting in Paris was preferred to players under the age of 21, having two passports, had the opportunity to change the national team, according to "Sport-Express". And those who are over 21. If the decision of the FIFA Executive Committee will receive the support of Congress for the national team of Russia will be able to play defender of Zherri-Christian Tchoice who received Russian citizenship before first played for Cameroon.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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