The army recognized his victory clean

The army recognized his victory cleanThe] expected a more intense barbirolli CSKA Benjamin] don't let no one doubt his skills. After the match against Lokomotiv he only complained that the railroad is not too burdened by his work.? We were not allowed to play Lokomotiv, ? noticed the goalkeeper of the army. ? We have all turned out, and the opponent never had a chance to score.? Really? Only in the first half, the ball after a strong shock several times flew dangerously close to "nine" your gates? I saw it and controlled the situation. So do not believe those scoring chances. This style of "Locomotive". I remember last year the railroad created a couple of dangerous situations at the gate, no more. Читать полностью -->

Arsenal Juventus offers Wiltord and 10 million EURO for Buffon

Arsenal Juventus offers Wiltord and 10 million EURO for BuffonLondon 'Arsenal' going to acquire a goalie 'Juventus' Gianluigi Buffon.According to the publication Tribalfootball with reference to the Italian press, the President 'Arsenal' Peter hill-wood ready to buy the first issue of the Italian national team. Instead of the 'gunners' intend to offer the French striker Sylvain, Villoro and 10 million EURO.According to the sources of 'Juventus', the leadership finalist of the Champions League refers to this proposal very seriously.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Munitis will play for another season racing

Munitis will play for another season racingThe Spain striker Pedro Munitis will remain in the "Racing" for another year, reports dailysoccer. Munitis will continue to play on loan. Rights belong to "real".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Zenit - Rotor. The analysis of the match

Zenit - Rotor. The analysis of the matchThe final score did not reflect the real balance of forces in the field. To keep his goal intact the cuts only helped the luck and fatal inaccuracy owners.Morning in the city on the Neva loaded sad rain, had inflicted serious checking the drainage system, "Petrovsky". She test failed, and the heads of the stadium had to solve the problem fashioned way. Half an hour before the game came on the field and the workers, who began to round up the water scrapers and sprinkle bald spots into goalmouth sand. The quality of the pitch, these measures did not improve - it still resembled a freshly ploughed field.Before the match the coach of Zenit Vlastimil the former puzzled: to expose him two strikers or limited Kerzhakov. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. 23 goals: how long will the record?

The Championship Of Russia. 23 goals: how long will the record?The fourth round of the championship was the most effective. This is just a quirk or a trend?The relationship attackers with defenders at all times evolved as a bearded joke, where the visitor of the zoo asked the Minister whether the elephant to eat at a time hundredweight of bananas, and that not without guile says: "Eat something he ate, well, who will give him". Dependent, in other words, forwards from the players defense, and therefore satisfy your appetite for goals, only when the last permit.In the fourth round of the championship of Russia, for example, the commands sent to the grid for scoring 23 goals. The indicator is not particularly outstanding, but for the starting period of many months tournament - record (2.88 per game), which caused a number of contradictory propositions. Some considered the incident a spring exacerbation of activity at the halfbacks and forwards, others saw in the incident a certain trend, saying improving from game to game scorers, and hence, it makes sense to pay tribute to them.Was glad to share with their optimistic rainbow mood, however, is not inclined too loudly beating the drums. Читать полностью -->

Smirnov went on the mend

Smirnov went on the mendDefender of FC torpedo-metallurg" Dmitry Smirnov, suffered in mid-may knee surgery, is on the mend. Last week Dmitry walked with crutches. But very soon he will get rid of them. The whole team wishes Dmitry speedy recovery and hopes that soon he will start training. The doctors expect that Smirnov is restored to the second circle, the press service of the team.. . Читать полностью -->

The conspiracy against Spartak

The conspiracy against SpartakAfter the match CSKA - Spartak in which the army was literally snatched victory in the dying seconds, the scandal broke.The President of red and white Andrew Chervichenko publicly accused the referee Valentin Ivanov and head of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskova of involvement in the conspiracy against the Spartacists.The first to answer journalists ' questions CSKA coach Valery Gazzaev. Despite important victory, head coach of CSKA, oddly enough, kept themselves in arms, not showing a single drop of emotion. "Today we have made a tough victory, showing a truly championship game. Twice playing during the game, we still found the strength to turn things around, while showing remarkable potential. I can say that this win will bring us much more good in comparison with the meeting with the same "ruby" in which we won 4:0.On the question of the quality of the game striker Spartak Pavlyuchenko Gazzaev responded as follows: "the novel has played pretty well, and if in the future he will be able to maintain its current form, it is quite possible, wait for the call to the team. As for our defense, she played not the best way. Читать полностью -->

The inter fans again spoke against Moratti

The inter fans again spoke against MorattiFans of inter Milan used a friendly match against the "Florence", to once again Express their negative attitude to the club President Massimo Moratti. They displayed a banner stating that Moratti is incompetent leader who does nothing for the good of the team. Throughout the game high school football fans insulted Moratti in songs and chants, according to soccerage.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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