Castroman to the roster

Castroman to the rosterMidfielder 'Lazio' Lucas Castroman called to the national team of Argentina, which on Wednesday will hold a friendly match against Uruguay. Prior to this, Castroman has played for the national team just one match against Mexico in December 2000. Countrymen Maradona won 2:1.Meeting with Uruguay will become the first home game of Argentina after the world Cup in Asia. All in all she's after failing in Japan and Korea played 6 matches, 5 of which were won and only lost one.For the match against Uruguay Marcelo Bielsa caused mainly players who don't have much experience playing for the national team. Thus it checks the players who can strengthen the team in the qualifying matches of the 2006 world Cup, which will start in September. Besides Castroman European clubs will represent only defender Mauro Cetto, previously not played for the national team.. Читать полностью -->

Carragher waiting in Blackburn and Newcastle

Carragher waiting in Blackburn and Newcastle"Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle would like to see the Liverpool defender of Jaime Carragher. His future at Anfield is questionable due to the fact that Gerard Houllier wants to invite to the team of Steve Finnan from Fulham.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Luis Enrique and Overmars almost got in a fight at practice

Luis Enrique and Overmars almost got in a fight at practice"When one has no argument, he clenches his fists," says an ancient Chinese proverb. There were arguments at linebacker, the Spanish "Barcelona" Luis Enrique during training of his team, or no, you can only guess. One thing is clear: if they were, then the player to appeal to him and did not immediately attacked his teammate Mark Overmars.The anger comes from Luis Enrique in that head coach Radomir antic at the end of the workout staged a "two-sided clash, during which Overmars played too hard against just recovered from injury Luis Enrique. The ankle after that last even had to tie up. After the game resumed, the midfielder has already played roughly against Overmars, and among them was the verbal sparring. Luis Enrique after that floated hands several times and pushed the Dutch striker. Читать полностью -->

Leeds - Tottenham: after the match

Leeds - Tottenham: after the matchThe main Tottenham Manager Glenn Hoddle refused to give up on opportunities to enter his team in the European competitions next season. Today Tottenham drew 2-2 with "Leeds"."We have two games against Manchester city at home and West Brom away - and we have to win both. Three months ago we could win this match. Then the "Leeds" was morally weak. But a team led by Peter Reid and the recent victory over Charlton" 6-1 certainly had their effect today," said Hoddle.In turn, the mentor, "Leeds" Peter Reid said: "We are guilty in both missed goals. In the first case protection too reckless for Cheringoma. Читать полностью -->

Shevchenko satisfied with the result of the match with Spain

Shevchenko satisfied with the result of the match with SpainAndriy Shevchenko, commenting on Saturday's qualifying match of EURO 2004 between the national teams of Ukraine and Spain, noted that it was extremely difficult and beskompromissnaya game, because its result was important for both teams."The Ukrainian team is satisfied with the result of the match, our team adequately opposed second, according to the FIFA rankings, world team, " says Shevchenko. - Throughout most of the match we were in front and, in addition, losing a few minutes to complete the game, able to equalize. The preferred tactics trainer is fully justified, because to play open football against the Spaniards almost impossible. Therefore, we operated mostly on the counter, which we did pretty well. I think we did not disappoint 82,000 fans in the stadium who fervently supported us, and millions of those who supported us on TV. For this we are all very grateful. Читать полностью -->

Breaking may move to Arsenal

Breaking may move to Arsenal23-year-old goalkeeper Tbilisi "Locomotive" and the national team of Georgia Giorgi Lomaia may move to Arsenal, who are looking for a replacement of retired David Seaman. Scout the Gunners watched the football player in the qualifying match of EURO 2004 with Russia, and the forthcoming 11th of June in Dublin game Ireland - Georgia intends to visit the head coach of English club Arsene Wenger.According to the Manager of Tbilisi "Locomotive" gochi Tamazashvili, Arsenal are interested in Breaking last fall. In addition, attention to the young goalkeeper exhibit two clubs in the Premier League - Aston Villa and Manchester city, as well as Italian Lazio.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Midfielder of real Sociedad was first called to the national team of Spain

Midfielder of real Sociedad was first called to the national team of SpainForward atlГtico Luis Garcia and linebacker "real Sociedad" Xavi Alonso for the first time called to the national team of Spain, reports AP. Inaki sГЎez invited these players for the match against Ecuador. The match will take place on April 30.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Beschastnykh - in the 100 Club!

Vladimir Beschastnykh - in the 100 Club!Better late than never: today "SE" virtual ties to Vladimir Beschastnykh "tie" "the 100 Club", established our newspaper less than a month ago. The soul in such moments it becomes warm, and not only out of respect to the merits of the best sniper in the history of the national team of Russia, the champion of the country of all time for goals scored in qualifying, the Creator almost legendary goals: "with a noose around his neck against the Swiss and winning - the Yugoslavs, when the striker because of the treachery of "racing" a few months was in weightlessness beskhlebnova space.Heat also because the goals of Beschastnykh visible man is sincere, impulsive and grateful. One who is successful in the first year of playing for SV Werder Bremen said, "I will never forget what team became what he became." The one who did not hesitate to publicly declare: "If not Romantsev, me as a football player now wouldn't it." The one last year for the team meekly to fill in holes on the edge and in the centre of midfield. That, after all, who on the eve of the Champions League match with Sparta in 2001 emphasized: "I will play with full commitment, even if the stadium will come with two fans. Because it will be the most devoted fans of "Spartacus". And depressive atmosphere of deserted Luzhniki scored a beautiful goal.By the time heads of Beschastnykh has already exceeded one hundred. Читать полностью -->

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