Message from the President CFA N. In. Lesnikova

Message from the President CFA N. In. LesnikovaMessage from the President CFA N. In. Lesnikova from April 15, 2003 1. To the journalists. Читать полностью -->

Desailly has set a new record for the French team

Desailly has set a new record for the French teamThe captain of the French team Marcel Desailly has set a new record yesterday. He has already spent 104th match for the national team in the match against Egypt, which ended 5-0 in favor of the European Champions. Note that the previous record (103 matches for the French team) belonged to Didier Deschamps.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The silver rule goals will be tested in Sevilla and Manchester

The silver rule goals will be tested in Sevilla and ManchesterUEFA decided to test the rule "silver goal" in the finals of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, which will take place in Manchester and Sevilla respectively. The essence of this rule is that a goal scored in extra time, not ends the game immediately, unlike the "Golden ball". Team productiva the ball, gets a chance to recoup, but only until the end of pyatnadtsatiminutka, during which was hammered "silver goal". If she manages to do it, and the game eventually ended in a draw, the match is decided by the shootout.According to representatives of UEFA, the innovation will allow to avoid "closed" football, which team is forcing the rule of the "Golden goal" and will make it less acute problem of security in the stadiums, because the victory, achieved with the help of the "silver goal" should, in the opinion of the European football officials to call a less violent reaction of the fans of the losing team.. . . Читать полностью -->

The boots on aesthetics. Italy - Spain - 2:0

The boots on aesthetics. Italy - Spain - 2:0After Tuesday the response matches in the quarterfinals of the Champions League the balance of power on the European scene has changed dramatically. Both the Italo - Iberian full-time duel ended with the victory of Calcio - Juventus and inter in a similar style beat Barcelona and Valencia. Were Italy and Spain at the start of the playoffs in the parity - 3:3, in the semifinals of the best for the current leader of the European club football case will be 1:2. If it is "real" stand in Manchester and Milan will not be able to beat wet behind the ears from Ajax.-Sorry, it's not you the day before yesterday walked everywhere, waving a flag with the inscription "the most beautiful thing in football is the result on the scoreboard"? Ah, it's the other person - Then I'm sorry. You, of course, once the ball on the screen to see, so for aesthetics and stretched. Читать полностью -->

Scoring article by Andrey Karachi

Scoring article by Andrey KarachiWhen Gazzaev the most productive player of the national team along with Alexander Kerzhakov with three balls became the player Samara "Wings of the Soviets" Andrei Karyaka. Left tackle is? Is that a bad thing that I have scored a lot? with a smile asked, knowing the subject, Karyaka. ? Here would never have thought? No, everything is fine. Just wondering, what is an extreme midfielder owe this sniper success?? Luck certainly helps, but the main thing ? to be in the right place at the right time? and properly dispose of the ball. By the way, noticed you basically hit on the technique.? The closer to the gate, the smarter you want to play. Goalkeepers are waiting for the impact on the force ? it is necessary to deceive them.? In childhood, the striker played?? It was the case. Читать полностью -->

Chelsea intends to persuade Zolu to stay

Chelsea intends to persuade Zolu to stayThe Chelsea Manager Claudio Ranieri expressed hope that Gianfranco Zola will remain at the club if they can get into the Champions League, according to soccerage. Zola has delighted the fans with a beautiful goal vs Everton, and Ranieri said he counted on his compatriot. Victory over Liverpool club allowed Chelsea to reach the third place in the table. "I need him, because he plays beautifully and is the hallmark of Chelsea. We must persuade the President to stay at the club," said Ranieri. At the moment, Zola is the best scorer in the League.. Читать полностью -->

Torpedo-metallurg - Saturn-REN TV: match stats

Torpedo-metallurg - Saturn-REN TV: match statsTorpedo-metallurg - Saturn-REN TV 2:3 goals: Monari, 1; Leonov, 14 - rebezha, 81; Pavlovich, 85; Medvedev, thorpedo-Metallurgist: Novosadov, Smirnov, shoustikov, rizvic, Korytko, Cossacks, Rekhviashvili, Leonov (Ohanian, 73), Karnaukhov (Komadina, 87), Katic (Kovalev, 42), Moorestown-REN TV: Chizhov, JoviД‡, jeder, Malay, Bazaev, Y. Amoako (Bystrov, 28), rebezha, Hidalgo (Medvedev, 76), Muratovic, da Silva (p. 46), Rogachevwine: Katic, 5; Rekhviashvili, 9; Ohanian, 75; Karnaukhov, 80 - Hidalgo, 13; Pavlovich, budha: Egorov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)Moscow. "Torpedo" to them. Eduard Streltsov. . Читать полностью -->

Verone: Ferguson catches in the locker room bottles

Verone: Ferguson catches in the locker room bottlesThe Argentine midfielder of Manchester United" Juan Sebastian Veron told that one day in the locker room barely able to Dodge plastic bottles, launched by sir Alex Ferguson. Although this episode is not threatened him an injury, as in the case of David Beckham, Argentinian, according to him, have experienced a kind of culture shock, reported Soccernet."Bottle constantly flying in the locker room," said Veron in an interview with the Mirror. "I once had to Dodge one, which flew past my head. Ferguson is not aiming at anyone specifically, but just throws them. Sometimes he looks a bit aloof, then he comes up to you and just says something, but sometimes loses composure and bottle throwing. But I don't pay attention to it. Читать полностью -->

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