The Alenichev can repeat the achievement Aleinikova

The Alenichev can repeat the achievement AleinikovaThe Porto midfielder Dmitry Alenichev has all chances to become the first Russian player who will play in the UEFA Cup final. Yes there UEFA in the final of any Cup! Hard to believe, but true: since the collapse of the USSR, none of our players in the decisive matches of the European continental tournaments did not participate. Although opportunities to do that. However, only one real - Igor Shalimov in the UEFA Cup-93/94. For a long time, the current coach "Uralan" was a team player, "inter", held in that draw 6 matches and scored 2 goals, but due to the current in those years, the limit on foreign players in the final matches took no part: the management of inter preferred the Dutch Duo Bergkamp - Jonk and Uruguayans Ruben Sosa. By the way, the finals could well be "Russian", but "Karlsruhe" Sergei Kiriakov, brilliantly propertybase then on football fields of Europe were defeated PSV, Bordeaux, "Boavista" and "Valencia" fell at the hands, or rather, feet, Germans with a humiliating score of 0:7), in the semifinals tripped on a modest Austrian "Casino" (Salzburg). Sorry...In the applications of the clubs - the European Cup finalists except Shalimov was also attended by Igor Dobrovolskiy (Marseille, UEFA Champions League-92/93) and Vladimir Booth (Borussia D UEFA Champions League - 96/97), but the first does not enjoy the confidence of the coach, and the second was too young to participate in such important matches.UEFA Cup from the Soviet era remains for our teams impregnable fortress. Only "Spartak" in the spring of 1998 after a brilliant victory in Amsterdam over Ajax managed to reach the semi-finals of the tournament. Now I can't believe that someone in the foreseeable future will be able to repeat this achievement. As for individual players, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, only one of them managed to lift the door leading to inaccessible trophy, and even hold it in my hands. It is about a former Dynamo Minsk Sergei Aleinikova, 13 years ago played two full final match of the UEFA Cup-89/90 Juventus against sunk into Oblivion today Fiorentina.Symbolically, Aleynikov, and Shalimov is now in Russia. And their business after years continues Alenichev. He is the first Russian in the UEFA Cup final. It is hoped that any injuries or other attendant circumstances did not prevent our midfield leaving on may 21 emerald field of the Olympic stadium in Seville. In only five hundred miles from his home in the Port.Pavel DEMESCHIK.

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