Chernyshov praises Pavlyuchenko

Chernyshov praises PavlyuchenkoThe coach of the youth national team of Russia Andrey Chernyshov need to keep their Pets in a friendly match with their peers from Finland. In the game at Metropolitan stadium "wings of the Soviets" Russian "Junior" beat the Finns with the score 3:0. As stated Chernyshov in an interview with RIA Novosti, "we have set up our players to win and satisfied with their performance, especially in the first half. According to the coach, despite the large number of newcomers, the team as a whole managed matching game. And of the players the coach has allocated players Samara "Wings of the Soviets" Pyotr Nemov and Sergei Vinogradov, Moscow Spartacist Roman Pavlyuchenko and Alexander Belozerov ("Lada Togliatti) and Denis Kolodin (Uralan Elista). Now the youth national team of Russia will come together on June 1 and will begin preparations for the key match of the qualifying European tournament against Switzerland, which will take place on 6 June in the city of Fribourg..

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