Coaches of real Madrid insist on Kivu

Coaches of real Madrid insist on KivuThe name of the English midfielder Manchester United David Beckham recently went from the front pages of the Spanish media. The fate of the "spice of battle" was linked with real Madrid. However, actually coaches "Royal club" is interested in the services does not Beckham. Much more attractive they think the personality of the captain of the Amsterdam "Ajax", the Romanian defender Cristian Chivu.Because, despite a good level of play Pavon, the "creamy" considers buying a Central defender, one of the priority tasks of the club. The club's CEO Jorge Valdano always fascinated by these versatile player, able with equal success to play in Central defence and on the flank. But the fact that the term "acquisition Kivu" is not quite consistent with the philosophy of transfer policy Florentino Perez. Remember, first was Figo, then Zidane finally, Ronaldo. Kivu by the loudness of his name to compete with them can not.As for the farming for Kivu, they date back to 19 million dollars. And I think that the Romanian defender in Ajax will not last long, as is the amount of money you can afford to date, not one club in Europe..

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