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Wings lose regular glasses at homeBefore the match against "Uralan" "Wings" has suffered another loss of staff: based in the infirmary Poskus were added and Gaucho. Thus, the Samara team was left without a whole in the attacking third. After playing for the national and youth teams not in the best condition returned to Samara Karyaka, Ovie, Kudryashov, Nemov and Vinogradov. And the main defensive midfielder Denis Kovba remained in the national team of Belarus. Before Tarkhanova had a difficult task to rebuild the team's attacking performance. The game showed that in attacking the problem of "Wings" is not exhausted. Shalimov same composition after the victory over Zenit change did not. The defeat of CSKA Moscow is unlikely to added positive emotions Samara fans, but even on such seemingly "real" match against the team occupying the last place in the standings, Samara stadium in the pouring rain collected as much of 23,000 spectators! From the first minutes the hosts began to storm the gates of alistina. In the opening match Bulyga burst into the penalty area, beat Kolodin, and gave a pass to Souza. Sorry for the Brazilian, this transmission was a surprise, and the first attack of the owners came to nothing. On 16 minutes, on the left flank Karyaka did shed at the far post, it seemed that Vinogradov nothing can disturb to score, but at the last moment Agresija took the ball from the attacker's head. Then the owners rebuilt a little offensive action: Bulyga, playing on the edge of offside, constantly kept in the opponent's defense and Midfielders tried to carve open the opposition defence guests long passes. In the 25th minute Bulyga burst into the box at speed beat several defenders and, going one on one with the Keeper, his shot went wide. Such or similar moments Belarusian striker had some more, but always lacked whether the banal luck, or skill. On the 40th minute of the filing of Karachi from a corner fell right on Ovie, he immediately broke through with scissors for goal Agresija. The goalkeeper showed excellent response and took the ball in his hands. On 42 minutes, one of the first real opportunities to score in the match had guests. A little sleeping from inactivity defense "Wings" disturbed Tsiklauri, alone narrative inside the penalty area a few players. However, help from other teammates striker did not have to wait, and alone beat "Wings" is hardly possible. After the break the team came out with the same mindset that early in the game. Uralan locked himself in the penalty, and "Wings" incessantly attacked. In the 58th minute Bulatov made long passes forward Tikhonov, captain Samartsev, with his back to goal, flicked the ball on the Bulyga and he struck, but the ball landed in Kolodin. On the rebound (played by Lillo, Argentina decided to shoot at goal, the ball in an arc already flew into the net, but Agresija unthinkable way still got it. Then Tarkhanov, in search of gain attack released Beavers, and Shalimov decided to further strengthen the defense Kuzmin, actually playing with ten men in the penalty box. In the 84th minute one of their last chances to open the scoring were the masters. Sousa long pass sent the ball to the Beaver, he entered the penalty area, moved to the front line and made a shot on the Bulyga. However, this combination was easily read Elista goalkeeper, he easily caught the ball. Well, at the last meeting, in the 86th minute substitute Vasilikon, the best scorer of the championship of Russia-2001, decided to single-handedly decide the outcome of the match. Breaking down the right flank, the beating tired Samartsev: first Caraco, and then Leyton, was shot down in the last couple of meters from the penalty. Executed free-kick was not successful. Whistle found the hosts in the attack, a goalless draw hardly anyone pleased in Samara. But for Shalimov this draw is not so important in terms of the tournament, but in the psychological. "Today we had an advantage, the only thing we missed is the speed of action to break the opponent's defense. Oh, and don't get many chances to have failed, and there were plenty. Forwards we can't do it. Vitali Bulyga and Vinogradov - players is not enough to solve some tasks, they still need time to grow, learn and learn. In the middle line were also problems: Karyaka came from a team not in the best condition, Tikhonov played today unattractive, Bulatov played the first game, and he plays slowly. Today, the average line slowed the attack, not scored, and the attackers do not. I knew how to play Uralan, and that there would be the advantage¦. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the game? Of course! Given our heavy standings, then draw in Samara for us a positive result. I am satisfied with everything, though, and had errors. After the first win, it was important for us to secure this result a good game. The main objective was to achieve a positive outcome. With Zenit your team played better? With Spartak we played at home, but here on the road. Zenit is currently not in the best condition, so the "Wings" at home look much stronger than Zenit. Karyaka - Passoni June 11. Samara. The stadium "metallurg" Chichkin, Lillo, Ovie (Leyton,46), Bushmanov, dehaan (Wright, 87), Vinogradov (beaver, 63), Bulatov, Karyaka, Tikhonov, Souza, Bulyga Uralan: Agresija, Del Canto, Gerashchenko, Semochko Lopez (Gapon, 57), Kolodin, Tsiklauri (Vasilikon, 72), Tsallagov (Kuzmin, 76), Adzhindzhal, Bochkov, Passoni Judge: Chebotarev (Krasnodar) Photo official website "Wings of the Soviets"".

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