The army recognized his victory clean

The army recognized his victory cleanThe] expected a more intense barbirolli CSKA Benjamin] don't let no one doubt his skills. After the match against Lokomotiv he only complained that the railroad is not too burdened by his work.? We were not allowed to play Lokomotiv, ? noticed the goalkeeper of the army. ? We have all turned out, and the opponent never had a chance to score.? Really? Only in the first half, the ball after a strong shock several times flew dangerously close to "nine" your gates? I saw it and controlled the situation. So do not believe those scoring chances. This style of "Locomotive". I remember last year the railroad created a couple of dangerous situations at the gate, no more. However, they scored. This time we did not allow them to hit a target, and scored twice. Pure victory.? -at the same time over a team that had hitherto been awkward opponent. For you, this win is the principal?? Yes, of course. I for the first time in his career won the "locomotive". I take into account games in the Vladikavkaz "Alania" and CSKA. To be honest, I expected a more intense struggle. However, Lokomotiv, conceding two goals in no hurry to pile on the pressure at the gate. That is why it is dangerous moments is practically not occur. We're in the second half, moved to defense and calmly brought the match to win.? Going to celebrate this success?? You! Before the next game in a few days. What could be the celebration? We must prepare for the next match. We ? leaders, to meet with us any opponent will be configured as the last battle.Liketo called Gusev dragonageorigins Legionnaire "Locomotive" Jacob Lekgetho was one of the few in the team who agreed to answer the questions of the journalists after the defeat in the Central match.? In November of last year, immediately after the "Golden" match you said that CSKA today Lokomotiv never will. What do you say now?? Must admit the obvious: our team can not find last year's game. Here and lost a lot of points already. And in the last match of the opponents looked stronger.? That is, the score accurately reflected the balance of forces on the field?? In principle, it could be different, but for the best result it was difficult for us to count.? If Rolan Gusev, against which you have successfully played last season, came out in this match from the first minute, would you feel more confident?? Yeah I would just "killed" (laughs). Kidding, of course. Gusev ? a great player. Just sometimes make fun of friends.? Lokomotiv, in your opinion, still has a chance to win?? Our team already trailing CSKA on eleven points. But I have no doubt that we are able to bridge this gap. Lokomotiv will be back in the fight for the gold.Obradovic was impressed with the growth of armazenar Milan Obradovic first appeared on the pitch in the match of the championship of the Premier League.? You in the beginning of the meeting had to play on the left back spot. This role was unexpected for you?? No problem. He started the match on the defensive, then moved to the midfield. I must've had a chance to act in many roles ? and in defence and in midfield. Another thing that we didn't manage a team game.? Why?? Immediately after the match difficult to understand. But it was felt that the army is very healthy physically ready. Did a lot of riding gear, relying on its high growth.? When Yanovsky scored the first goal, the protection of the Team had made a positional error?? Formally with Janowski was not a defensive player. Although, of course, the defense team must play as a team. We gave the soldier is off almost without a hitch.Michael Shpenkov.

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