Zenit - Rotor. The analysis of the match

Zenit - Rotor. The analysis of the matchThe final score did not reflect the real balance of forces in the field. To keep his goal intact the cuts only helped the luck and fatal inaccuracy owners.Morning in the city on the Neva loaded sad rain, had inflicted serious checking the drainage system, "Petrovsky". She test failed, and the heads of the stadium had to solve the problem fashioned way. Half an hour before the game came on the field and the workers, who began to round up the water scrapers and sprinkle bald spots into goalmouth sand. The quality of the pitch, these measures did not improve - it still resembled a freshly ploughed field.Before the match the coach of Zenit Vlastimil the former puzzled: to expose him two strikers or limited Kerzhakov. In the end, the coach stopped at the option with one striker, for the first time this season depriving place in the base Arshavin. However, the tactical tricks did not work on heavy field team never played and fought. Perhaps the only real chance to Excel Shirl had cunningly prune the ball after a pass Spivak - wide.After the break, Zenit have increased in speed, and its advantage was overwhelming. Twice within half a minute could be different Kerzhakov: first, the striker shot blocked write more Novels, and then the ball after it hit the "scissors" only a few centimeters missed the post. Then dangerous beat gartig, mareЕЎ, Shirl - But the gates Pareiko were like as far as possible - the ball was not in them even after the impact of the most advantageous positions.In an effort to curb the weakened opponent, the former used all the cards, available in stock. Arshavin, Randjelovic and young Bystrov, perfectly proven in the previous match against "Spartak", stepped up the game, but cherished goal to no avail. At the end of the meeting again could be different mareЕЎ and Shirl, but they appeared to be inaccurate. The final whistle Nikolaev, fixing a draw 0:0, the players Rotor joyfully greeted with raised hands.Zenit (St. Petersburg) - Rotor (Volgograd) - 0:0.Zenit: Malafeev - 6,0, Radimov - 5,5 (Arshavin, 61 - 6,0), Horak - 6,0, Hovsepian - 6,0, Igonin - 6,0, Spivak - 6,5 (Bystrov, 81 - 6,0), MareЕЎ - 6,0, Shirl - 6,0, Kerzhakov Is 5.5, Hartig - 5,5 (Randjelovic, 77 - 5,0), Vjestica Is 5.5.Rotor: Pareiko - 6,5, Aldonin - 5,5, Alenikov - 5,5, Novels And 5.0, Smirnov - 5,0, Trifonov - 5,0, Esipov - 5,5, Zubko To 6.0, Skrylnikov - 5,5, Mogilev - 5,0, Radkevich To 5.0.Player of the match: Alexander Spivak (Zenit).Punishment: Alenikov, 39 rough game, Shirl, 49 rough game, Hovsepyan, 59 rough game, Trifonov, 87 - foul play - warnings.Referees: A. Nikolaev, V. Bobic, Y. Makarov (Moscow).Inspector K. Doronin (Moscow).4 may. Saint-Petersburg. The Petrovsky Stadium. Rain. 3. 15 000 spectators. The price of tickets 70 - 250 rubles. Play time: 93.00 (1st half: 46.00, 2nd half: 47.00).Shots on goal: 13 - 6 of them on target: 5 - 3 penalty: 10 - 3, from outside the box: 3 - 3, rod: 0 - 0, crossbar: 0 - 0 corner: 8 - 1, offsides: 0 - 3, fouls: 6 - 14.Match doubles: 3:1..

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