The conspiracy against Spartak

The conspiracy against SpartakAfter the match CSKA - Spartak in which the army was literally snatched victory in the dying seconds, the scandal broke.The President of red and white Andrew Chervichenko publicly accused the referee Valentin Ivanov and head of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskova of involvement in the conspiracy against the Spartacists.The first to answer journalists ' questions CSKA coach Valery Gazzaev. Despite important victory, head coach of CSKA, oddly enough, kept themselves in arms, not showing a single drop of emotion. "Today we have made a tough victory, showing a truly championship game. Twice playing during the game, we still found the strength to turn things around, while showing remarkable potential. I can say that this win will bring us much more good in comparison with the meeting with the same "ruby" in which we won 4:0.On the question of the quality of the game striker Spartak Pavlyuchenko Gazzaev responded as follows: "the novel has played pretty well, and if in the future he will be able to maintain its current form, it is quite possible, wait for the call to the team. As for our defense, she played not the best way. At the same time, developments demanded from our defenders continued participation in offensive actions that could not allow them to play more reliably".But this was only a prelude to the performance, organized by the representatives of "Spartacus" and, in particular, its President Andrew Chervichenko.But in the beginning the word was given to the coach of the red-white Sergei Pavlov, who, it seemed, was ready to burst into tears. "I have nothing to say. There are games that are held by different rules, and it was that kind of game. The judge was openly mocking us. We watched the replay of the episode with the appointment of a penalty, and I can say that it did not exist. Unfortunately, severe injury received Demenko, which, apparently, was out for a few months.".

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