Gunel: England until their game shows

Gunel: England until their game showsThe head coach of the Turkish national team Еџenol Gunel believes that his team will have to face off with some great England team from the one on Saturday beat Liechtenstein 2-0."England played against the weakest team in the group. The pace of the game was low, as the British were saving power for a meeting with Turkey. Wednesday to face the two strongest teams of the group. If we fail to win, then we are quite satisfied with a draw," said the coach of the Turks.Semi-finalists of world Cup 2002, the Turkish national team, leading the group with 9 points after 3 matches, and the English have 7 points since last year, the team of Albion played a draw at home against Macedonia.Gunel believes that England had not yet showed their true strength in this tournament: "3 points that England earned in the match against Slovakia, were not deserved, and the two points they lost against Macedonia surprised us as the English. England have not yet demonstrated the performance expected of it all. But I, in any case, I don't think England is a weak team, and I am sure that the match on Wednesday will be very heavy."From the very first day in England, we were warmly greeted. And although we do not first time here, but during this visit even the weather is gorgeous, and the reception by the British even more friendly," said the coach.Gunel added that the team several injured players, but also Hakan Unsal, which has serious damage, all other players are ready and motivated for the upcoming game..

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