Rostov suffer first home loss for the 9 months

Rostov suffer first home loss for the 9 monthsBefore the match, few imagined that Rostov, before the most important game for the Cup with "Anji", will be posted before the end. However, in reality it was the opposite - the band gave the game their all. The match has started. Already in the 3rd minute of the meeting ramenchane could open an account, but burst into the penalty Medvedev hesitated and missed out on a lucrative opportunity. However, after a minute, he was rehabilitated. Direct free kick, the ball bounced to Medvedev and he rolled it under the blow Bystrov, who inject it into the top corner, plunging into a shock 14,000 people gathered this evening at the stadium. The goal shook the owners and they began to win, but the first Kanyenda not reach the ball after a great cross from Hendrix, and then Rowan himself, cleverly Podkovyrov the ball, but the ball parachute down on the crossbar guests. Then aspen hung on Kanyenda and POEs hit his head - the top corner. Almost to the end of the half, the hosts did not release the suburban players from own half. Only occasionally guests tried to use the counterattack, but all efforts Saturn broke confident about the existing protection of Rostov. He was active James, replacing a disqualified Kampamba. It is Andrew and created the most dangerous moment of the first half, which logically, well just had to complete the goal, but aspen was unable to take advantage Paz partner and with a goalie struck the crossbar. In the final seconds of the half, desperate shot from distance made Argentine footballer Saturn Pavlovich, but the ball went wide of the post. From the first minutes of the second half Rostov by all means go ahead. James good shot at Kanyenda, but African footballer of "Rostov" slipped and could not handle the ball. And then there was something unimaginable: Rostov, before fully monitor the progress of the game, missed a swift counterattack guests, and Medvedev, jumped out to a rendezvous with Bliznyuk after an excellent pass Jovic, the second time his chance, doubling the expense. But to its credit, Г­ they continued to fight and after the second goal. All remaining before the final whistle they diligently attacked. A turning point in the match was the replacement Rogachevo to Maximov, and change the formation to 3-5-2. The first truly disturbing call, for ramanan sounded when Booth gave a great pass to Kanyenda, but he became entangled in the legs and ruined the moment. And five minutes later the band played a ball, and he scored was pure English style. 3 (!) pass his head, and Kanyenda the fourth touch drives the ball into the far Kornyuhina angle. The fans remained a tiny hope. Moreover, the time Rostovites. Literally 10 minutes after the goal Moscow arbitrator Veselovsky does not assign clear penalty for the demolition of AV. The hosts piled on the Saturn, seemed about and the thunder will strike at the gates of Moscow team, but they fought well and not letting score "Rostov" the second goal. And at the end of the meeting, the team from Ramenskoe, could widen the gap, but the hosts after the impact Pavlovich saved Bliznyuk. The final whistle announced the second defeat Г­ this season, but do not forget that charges Sergei Balakhnin have a tough game in Makhachkala, they just have to spend more successful. Indeed, among the tasks for the season is a win in the Cup. We were not peculiar to us soccer, it so happened that the owners made us to play our game, even though we scored two goals. I was a bit worried about this, we had a little more to hold the ball, put the ball down. Your opinion about the game? Of course, happy with the result, although not particularly pleased with the quality of the game. The fact that Rostov was the leader, and the game was, as the saying goes, "6 points". This situation arose in the table: either there is or there, so this game was so important to us. Good Hidalgo was, but it quickly broke. Unsuccessful change was the replacement of Rogachev I thought after the second goal, "Rostov" go for broke, and Sergey somehow catch hold of the ball, but unfortunately nothing worthwhile he showed No, we have carefully prepared for this game, studied a lot of matches Г­ so the game of "Rostov" not for us any surprise. Maybe a little lucky. No, he's healthy. Just a man is tired, too many emotions: a son was born, failures in the two previous games, the national team, I think the rest did him good. How in your opinion the team had to play against a tall, mobile players "Saturn"? As should have been played. Just not all was well in the match Yes, we used this model in our previous meeting. What is the main reason for the defeat? It may be that you are preparing for the semi-finals? This game we had not considered as a preparation for the semifinals, it was also important to us, vladev advantage of both halves, we summed up the implementation. You on Wednesday to play in Makhachkala, will the team be able to recover in such a short time? We will make every effort that the team has recovered fully. The game was challenging, you saw how much effort given to the players, in terms of benefits to them I have no complaints. No. If the team after every defeat is breaking, so it was for the team?! Kanyenda, 73 - Bystrov, 4, Medvedev, 56. on may 17. Rostov-on-don. The Stadium Olymp-21. 14.000 spectators.

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