Israel - France: match report

Israel - France: match reportThe French increased its lead over nearest rivals in the group 1 to nine points, but their victory over the Israelites in Palermo not be called bright. Champions of the last European championship won all five matches of the qualifying tournament of Euro 2004, scoring 19 goals and conceding just 2, and almost secured a hit in the final stage, which will be held in Portugal. However, many expected a bright game after Saturday's defeat of the Maltese (6:0) wards of Jacques Santini is not shown. Already by the second minute they took the "owners", because of the tense situation in the middle East conducting home match outside of Israel. Midfielder Haim Revivo made the transfer in the calculation of the jerk OMRI Aphek, which, ahead of Bixente Lizarazu, with a diagonal shot from close range sent the ball into the net Fabien Barthez. Goal caught the French by surprise, and within a few minutes they could not recover. Led by Zinedine Zidane, the visitors gradually found their game and managed to pull a goal back in the 23rd minute. David Trezeguet's header following a transfer of Thierry Henry and equalized. Goal added to the French confidence, but the viscous defense of the Israelis acted in a rather organized fashion. "Home" was playing on the break twice and was able to regain the advantage, but instead conceded a goal. Were already added minutes of the first half, when after Zidane volley the ball ricocheted into the net past Dudu avata, and the French came forward. The second half is actively carried out by "the owners". Abraham Grant thrown in Michael Sandberg and validation of badira. The French seems to have calmed down and decided to play to keep the account. The Israelis more and more dangerous attacked, but was unable to find a loophole to the gates of the famous rivals. Santini was brutally honest in assessing the game his players: "It was a really difficult match. You can guess how I feel about my tone. Today we saw two different teams of France, and I need to analyze this situation. We could not find a right place, interaction on the field left much to be desired - and in attack and defence was a mess". Abraham Grant, by contrast, could be proud of my players, but was disappointed with the result: "Our fans in Israel can be proud of today's game. We were able to force the French to procrastinate and wait for the final whistle. However, I am disappointed that we will return home with nothing. To have an advantage and skip two optional goals - can't afford at the international level"..

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