Message from the President CFA N. In. Lesnikova

Message from the President CFA N. In. LesnikovaMessage from the President CFA N. In. Lesnikova from April 15, 2003 1. To the journalists. Yesterday on the RTR was shown the transfer, with the analysis of the last 4 matches in Premier League. It focused attention on the episodes in which arbitrators often took the wrong decisions. Friday will be a regular meeting of the expert jury, which will consider the points on the decision on which teams were filed, and the episodes analyzed in this transfer. All of these will be decisions that will be predlozena Your attention.Dear journalists, asking You if you show my interviews to give him on the air part, so to say a single phrase, and to demonstrate to his audience fully to neither the sense nor the content of my words are not distorted.2. To the arbitrators. Dear referees, colleagues, Your work in the last 4 rounds of the Championship of the country showed that the level of psychological readiness both judges and their assistants at the present time is not at the proper level. It is necessary to remember that the referee should always be resistant to any psychological effects from the outside in and out on the football field completely morally, physically and psychologically ready. The quality of Your work depends on the work of many people, both on the pitch and beyond. You must realize that Your mistakes can be someone else's fatal, to negate their long and hard work.I, as President of the CFA, can't have that and so I appeal to You: let's play in every match very focused and concentrated, let's try together to allow as few mistakes as possible, so that after each game journalists, fans, managers and coaches of the teams discussed the quality and beauty of the last game, not the judges.All the main referees must meet again and together to discuss the situation, presumably on Friday 18 April, date to be determined and communicated to you.Sincerely, Nicholas Levnikov..

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