The silver rule goals will be tested in Sevilla and Manchester

The silver rule goals will be tested in Sevilla and ManchesterUEFA decided to test the rule "silver goal" in the finals of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, which will take place in Manchester and Sevilla respectively. The essence of this rule is that a goal scored in extra time, not ends the game immediately, unlike the "Golden ball". Team productiva the ball, gets a chance to recoup, but only until the end of pyatnadtsatiminutka, during which was hammered "silver goal". If she manages to do it, and the game eventually ended in a draw, the match is decided by the shootout.According to representatives of UEFA, the innovation will allow to avoid "closed" football, which team is forcing the rule of the "Golden goal" and will make it less acute problem of security in the stadiums, because the victory, achieved with the help of the "silver goal" should, in the opinion of the European football officials to call a less violent reaction of the fans of the losing team..

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