The boots on aesthetics. Italy - Spain - 2:0

The boots on aesthetics. Italy - Spain - 2:0After Tuesday the response matches in the quarterfinals of the Champions League the balance of power on the European scene has changed dramatically. Both the Italo - Iberian full-time duel ended with the victory of Calcio - Juventus and inter in a similar style beat Barcelona and Valencia. Were Italy and Spain at the start of the playoffs in the parity - 3:3, in the semifinals of the best for the current leader of the European club football case will be 1:2. If it is "real" stand in Manchester and Milan will not be able to beat wet behind the ears from Ajax.-Sorry, it's not you the day before yesterday walked everywhere, waving a flag with the inscription "the most beautiful thing in football is the result on the scoreboard"? Ah, it's the other person - Then I'm sorry. You, of course, once the ball on the screen to see, so for aesthetics and stretched. And since the childhood, Italy this with her antifootball hated. And now - you only get caught some spaghetti under the hot hand! I guess you're right. Three shots on goal, two of them in one attack during the match is also a kind of result. Look at the "inter" in Valencia was overall fun. Still wouldn't be funny if in the top four best teams in Europe were extracted collective convulsive throwing the ball outside his penalty area. You are right: that is one way to assess this game, but first you have to accept that your opinion is bozo's.Looking a little more space (and bozo is, by the way, very nice, and in the recreational trying to analyse something), it was possible to notice, for example, exactly how protected "inter". Lovers of beautiful words have blurred in recent times beyond recognition the meaning of catenaccio". Now it's just 'defensive football'. Previously, there was a definite scheme. Lock, latch (the translation) is for opponents, attacking in the center more than the flanks. Five people you meet in a wave of attacks, sixth, and even seventh come from behind, closing the trap. By the way, and flanking the game to break this defense is extremely difficult - extreme pawn takes place in much less Queens than Central, right? In General, without further geeking, inter showed at Mestalla almost real, in his own bosom a third of a century ago, its natural "catenaccio". Remember that as said Toldo his close friend Luigi di Biagio, one day when he forgot to snap a castle? And, by the way, when the same di Biagio overlooked Baraha when you pass from the corner, it's obvious that fighting. It was a mistake of a different kind, is not essential, although, of course, is rough. And soon went Matera catenacci in the locker room. But the team persevered. Changing players, according to the scheme and, if necessary, risking to miss, and even more - to lose all respect all the profane world. But his game is not refused. And at times such inter watching was much more pleasant than five minutes to the ex - champion of Spain with his flighty swoop.Several hundred miles to the North at the same time, Juventus decided a much more difficult task. "Barcelona" suddenly began to play in such beautiful football, in which her performance was long forgotten. Beginning Saturday, the "real", went home, and no slot counter of visitors of the Apennine Peninsula for a long time and was not, it seemed, could not be. And after a classy goal Nedved reminded of the problems of the Barcelona defense, and the Catalans have any crumbs of wealth Chronos to win, a sense of superiority Barca became stronger with each passing minute. Then went to rest Davids, and it became obvious must, simply must, "Barcelona" press opponent. And Juve to drag myself down to a penalty shootout. But no, it happens no penalty. Only scored Italian champion, at times, by the way, very reminiscent of their katrinathelamia compatriots. Yes, here's another that just by the way: "no penalty has not happened" is not only about possible series at camp Nou. This and the referees nedogljad in favor of the Italians, which happened in both games. In Valencia with 2:1, in Barcelona, with 1:1 judge forgave the Italians for obvious fouls in their free throws. But haven't you told me only yesterday a joke about "the penalty was, and tomorrow you will read about it in the Newspapers"? Ah, it was the other person? Then sorry.Alexander Smirnov.

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