Scoring article by Andrey Karachi

Scoring article by Andrey KarachiWhen Gazzaev the most productive player of the national team along with Alexander Kerzhakov with three balls became the player Samara "Wings of the Soviets" Andrei Karyaka. Left tackle is? Is that a bad thing that I have scored a lot? with a smile asked, knowing the subject, Karyaka. ? Here would never have thought? No, everything is fine. Just wondering, what is an extreme midfielder owe this sniper success?? Luck certainly helps, but the main thing ? to be in the right place at the right time? and properly dispose of the ball. By the way, noticed you basically hit on the technique.? The closer to the gate, the smarter you want to play. Goalkeepers are waiting for the impact on the force ? it is necessary to deceive them.? In childhood, the striker played?? It was the case. And a lot of scoring! It is then in the Junior school moved to the position behind the striker, and there are already on the edge.? You are right-handed, but plays on the left flank. Left leg, I suppose, "mother-in-law"?? No, score on both. The flow can also perform right and left.? Who would have identified as a left midfielder in world football?? Roberto Carlos. Though he is a defender, but closes the whole border. So it can and linebacker to call it. Can I close the whole wing? When physically ready, why not!? What is your the most beautiful goal for the national team?? Probably in the Cyprus tournament against the Romanians. But for me, all goals for the national team.? For the match against Georgia in the national team invited a number of new or "new old" players, most of which performs attacking options. Gazzaev is looking for enhance the game in attack?? It may well be. The current team scores a lot - tactics. Attacking emphasis. And this emphasis need to highlight.? In October the game in Tbilisi you because of an injury to participate had no chance. What memories from that match?? You want to say ? from half of the match (laughs)? Watched at home on TV, I remember, was very worried. Was wondering what the whole story with the light end? And that's what eventually happened - replay the last day of April.Roman Vagin.

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