Verone: Ferguson catches in the locker room bottles

Verone: Ferguson catches in the locker room bottlesThe Argentine midfielder of Manchester United" Juan Sebastian Veron told that one day in the locker room barely able to Dodge plastic bottles, launched by sir Alex Ferguson. Although this episode is not threatened him an injury, as in the case of David Beckham, Argentinian, according to him, have experienced a kind of culture shock, reported Soccernet."Bottle constantly flying in the locker room," said Veron in an interview with the Mirror. "I once had to Dodge one, which flew past my head. Ferguson is not aiming at anyone specifically, but just throws them. Sometimes he looks a bit aloof, then he comes up to you and just says something, but sometimes loses composure and bottle throwing. But I don't pay attention to it. It fixes errors, and I don't get annoyed. On the contrary, it even makes you shake things up. He is highly respected in the club"..

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