Maldini: Records make me happy

Maldini: Records make me happyBefore this morning's practice the team captain Milan Paolo Maldini gave an interview to "Milan channel": "I imagine Juventus will rejoice in the case of our success. Because our victory is of great importance to them. However, we play for ourselves. We know that in Cup tournaments, the situation is easier than in Serie a, but that means nothing. In Derby we commit, just like Tuesday in the Italian Cup. This match is exceptional, because it gives the opportunity for reaching the final, and we believe it's important." Paolo ready to surpass Gianni Rivera and the number of games played Derby: "That's right, I remember about all the records that have been attained. They make me happy, even when I have to put emotions into the background, as in the match against Parma, then I broke the record for the number of matches played in the championship. They give me a special feeling, very specific. Derby? We hope that Serginho will play a crucial role, as in recent years."".

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