Valeriy Gazzaev: We should be above judicial errors

Valeriy Gazzaev: We should be above judicial errorsFirst defeat Valery Gazzaev, the post of chief coach of the national team of Russia happened when you least expect it. Failure in Albania was hard on my ego Russian players, and the Gazzaev. But to know the reasons for the debacle of the national team in Shkodra from the lips of her coach, agree that it is necessary. Our conversation took place yesterday afternoon.- Now, when emotions have cooled down after a sensational defeat, say, what, in your opinion, happened in Albania?- One main reason I can not distinguish. Of course, it was not the best match of our team. And to say that we lost by accident, won't, either - at least, because do not think so. In life, on my deep belief, much more regularities than accidents.We must pay tribute to Albania in this match she was in over my head. We started the game quite as planned. The situation has improved only after the break. Seizing the initiative and created a lot of dangerous moments, we, unfortunately, are unable to realize them.- What else prevented to achieve the result?- A serious blow for us was the loss Onopko. He surely looked on the Italian collection, was well prepared for the game, however ridiculous trauma in a harmless situation at the end of the pre-match warm-up brought the experienced defender out of action. Had at the last moment to urgently amend the defense line.We also have claims to the arbitrators. When the Albanians scored the second goal, one of them played up his hand. In the episode that preceded the third goal, the opponent made a clear violation against Ignashevich. How can I claim the players in this situation!However in any case not going to blame the referees all the blame for the failure. The level of our game, tactical training and individual skill of the players in any case should be above any mistakes.- Albanians have played stronger than you expected?- I have to match said that they have a good team. Assumed that it will be very difficult. And so it happened.- It seemed that some players simply underestimated the opponent. Do you agree?- In professional sports such things are not discussed. All matches must be approached with full responsibility, especially when it comes to the highest level - the level of the national team. However, it seems some truth in your words is still present. Probably the players recalled the October game against Albania, which we won with the score 4:1, and relaxed a little. Well, we learned a serious lesson. However to blame I don't intend to. Only himself.- Unexpected was the omission in the starting lineup Karaki, who looked good in a two-way game at the camp in Italy. Why did you prefer him Tochilin?- Medical examination on the day of the game showed that Karyaka not ready to play 90 minutes in full force. By the way, Tochilin I have no major complaints. He played not so bright, but the area in General was closed. He had a great time - sorry, the player missed the target from a good position. But in General I would not want to mention specific names. I think it is pointless.- The team remains "debriefing"?- Serious conversation took place immediately after the match in the locker room. But it was what is called, in hot pursuit. Analyze in detail the Albanian game as soon as we meet again. It will be April 24, when the collection will be launched before the match in Georgia. He is likely to take place in Sochi or in Vladikavkaz, where similar to Tbilisi weather conditions. In Bor by this time the field is unlikely to be ready.- As you now appreciate the tournament situation in our qualifying group?- Frankly speaking, we planned to recruit in Albania three points. Alas, that did not happen, what is our advantage over rivals evaporated. Now, in my opinion, this is a very confusing situation. Be that as it may, it is obvious: to solve the main problem, it is necessary to win. And I'm sure that major matches are still to come.Maxim KWIATKOWSKI.

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