Rostov will acquire a minimum of four players

Rostov will acquire a minimum of four playersThe President of "Rostov" Ivan Savvidi in a live television "don-TR" answered questions from fans, including comment on the results of the first round of the championship, the press service of the club. "Of course, I expected more. Our task was to take the Cup and to enter the top five. Cup no. We made a strategic error. The team was in psychological pit, our task now is to recover and, of course, to claim the third place," said Savvidi. "I'm a man of business and used to see specific goals and to set clear objectives to achieve them. For me there are two options: either to move away from football, or identify new, more seriesnow goal and establish objectives for the et achievements. In this regard, I think we have clearly adjusted their goals and outlined the issue. We will fight for the third place. Will - thank God, if not, we will think what to do - the team will have at least four new players that will help in solving this problem", - said the President of "Rostov"..

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