Gambling football from Andrey Tikhonov

Gambling football from Andrey TikhonovAfter the match Saturn-REN TV" Andrei Tikhonov was a pleasant surprise: a small group of fans, despite the fact that "Spartacus" on this day played a game in Moscow, came in Ramenskoye to support their idol. Andrew really deserved this kind of attention - in the "Wings" he was the best.? "Wings of the Soviets" had the territorial advantage and created numerous scoring chances, but missed the ball and saved the game only at the last minute. Are you satisfied with the result?? It is a pity that we have lost much-needed points. We played well, fought and should have scored more than one goal. But our old "disease" is a weak implementation of chances - again made itself felt. Perhaps the skill of the players is not enough. How else can you explain unrealized one on one?? The impression was that the team just kind of missed a good field.? Indeed, poor lawn in Samara prevents us to show the game we can muster. Here, in Moscow, the field is good, and the team immediately otherwise started playing recklessly, beautiful.? On 81 minutes, Beaver piled in the penalty area. If the judge reason to assign a penalty in that episode?? Of course. If the person in that moment even serious the injury was, so the penalty was.? The only victory "Wings" took place in the first round of the Rotor. How long, in your opinion, will this losing streak?? Before each match we want to win, otherwise why leave the field? Well, we will try to win in the next round. Importantly, the team has a game, and we create chances. 'll score, I'll go and win..

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