Roni: will Appear on grass fields, will be more fun to play

Roni: will Appear on grass fields, will be more fun to playTake 25-year-old striker of the Kazan club in the match against vladikavkazski included the first and fourth goal of the owners. Opened the scoring Roni, implementing the penalty awarded by the referee for a foul against it. And a point in the game put the potters kick from the penalty area.Talk with the striker managed yesterday morning. Because its Russian lexicon does not exceed fifty words, came to the aid Leandro Zamaroni - probably, the most Russified of our football Brazilians and performing in his own words, "Ruby", function translator from Portuguese. The conversation began with Roni with the themes of his family.- Your team-mates after the match with vladikavkazski joked that a brace you helped the emergence in Russia of his wife and daughters.- Yes, the arrival of the family very happy. Long time no see, so very bored. Now they are with me: and wife Andrea, and daughter, three - year old Victoria, and five-month-old Edward.- It is clear that the mood before the game was in connection with this particular. Still, doubts before you come to the 11-meter mark, not experienced?- No. I and earlier, in the Brazilian championship, had to do a penalty. And my thoughts "score - not score" it is better not to approach the ball. Can the command to fail.- Once you are recognised penalty kicker, you have to have proprietary ways of implementing the 11-meter.- They can be used for a long time when playing in a tournament and good will examine the manner or another goalie. Correspondingly, they know what to expect from you. Then you have to invent it. In Russian football, I am a new person. Of course, pay attention, as the goalkeeper behaves in a given situation. In this match the Keeper and guess where I will direct the ball, but luck was on my side.- The second goal you scored with a fairly sharp angle.- I received a nice pass from Andrew (Konovalov. - Approx. A. M.) and tried not to fail. The goalkeeper has moved slightly to the left, I have struck in the opposite direction.- That said after the match against "Spartak-Alania" Kurban Berdyev?- The coach said: "Well! Good!" and wished to continue in the same spirit.- In the last championship in Brazil you twenty matches and scored eight goals. In the Russian Premier League pace taken to higher ground: two goals in four games.- Once upon a time is not necessary. Of course, I would like to score more often, but the defenders knowingly go on the field.- Very Russian football is different from Brazilian?- Of course, different. There's more fighting, running around, lots of horse games. And good fields have not yet seen. But such was ready - that will become warmer, the grass will appear, and will be more fun to play.- Your debut in the Premier League came in the match in which Rubin was defeated in CSKA Moscow.- I would not want to remember the game against CSKA. Let me just say that they have taught us a good lesson. The loss went in our favor.Alexander MEDVEDEV.

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