Spartacus - Krylia Sovetov: match review

Spartacus - Krylia Sovetov: match reviewCapital Spartak in the last match of the 4th round of the championship of Russia took the "Wings of the Soviets". Muscovites after three rounds was among outsiders, having only one point. So in this game includes blood from his nose had to take three points, in order to improve their standings and to please their fans, missed the victories of their favorite team. As for Samartsev, who does not hide his ambitions for this season, they are also, in turn, were willing to withdraw from the capital of Russia three points. Besides, as you know, in the "Wings of the Soviets" are several former players of "Spartak". Therefore the upcoming match was of fundamental importance.From the first minutes of the game the home team tried to push each other to their goal. However, the very first guests counterattack was successful. This is a midfielder Samartsev Andrei Karyaka, before reaching the penalty area gate, "Spartacus", just struck by opening the scoring. However, the goal is not confused Muscovites, and they continued to pose threats to the guests at the gate. A good time was and Roman Pavlyuchenko, but after hitting the rookie "Spartacus" the ball flew over the crossbar. As always threat was Yegor Titov. In one attack, the captain of Muscovites, receiving a pass from Roman Pavlyuchenko, entered the penalty area and shot, but the place was goalkeeper Samartsev Andrew Chichkin. Overall the first half was attached to the territorial advantage Spartak, guests mainly relied on the counterattack. However, before the end of the first half the score was not changed.The second half began with the fact that the goalkeeper red-white Bugs after the collision with Andrey Tikhonov, was injured and Moroccan was carried off on a stretcher. The team of Spartak took the young Alexei Zuev. Gradually the pace of the game finally slept, which, naturally, was on hand to guests. Spartak were repetitive and did not conceal a threat. It seemed that the city players did not succeed in today's match to level the score. But in the 64th minute the home team got a free kick, and Vasily Baranov powerful blow missed goal scored. Inspired by the goal, the players of "Spartak" rushed to score the second goal.Alexander daniszewski, published in the second half substitute, using the pass by Alexander Vashchuk, beat Wright, moved to the center and shot into the near corner. Goalkeeper Samartsev Chichkin clearly took the ball. Guests continue to play defense. In a counterattack "Wings" had a clear chance to score, but first Nemov hit the defender, and then Tikhonov was dealt a second blow, but hit the Kovtun, and only after that the ball was knocked out.Towards the end the advantage turned to the guests. Ten minutes before the final whistle samarians, perhaps, created the most real moment at the gate Zueva. Karyaka was on the right wing and shot. Just a great young goalkeeper reaction Muscovites saved "red and white" from certain goals. However, the Spartacists had another good chance to score the winning goal. Same Roman Pavlyuchenko did pass the course Daniszewski, he burst into the penalty area Samartsev and shot. A heavy blow to the young striker Spartak pulls out from under the crossbar Chichkin!In the stoppage time Andrei Karyaka could bring his team three points, but after hitting Russia midfielder the ball goes wide. The match ended in a draw, which did not suit neither "Spartacus" or "wings of the Soviets"..

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