Georgians are still undecided about appeals

Georgians are still undecided about appealsThe decision of the European football Union (UEFA) a match of the national teams of Russia and Georgia in Tbilisi stadium on April 30 in front of empty stands thrilled both sides. Russian officials as the players themselves, not too satisfied with what you have to play without spectators because this factor may play a negative role in the actions of the hosts and guests. But for the Georgian side is similar to UEFA's decision turned out to be shocking. In Tbilisi, it seems that no one expected. It is clear that not remained aloof from such a topical for Georgian fans of the theme and press Tbilisi. And the range of estimates and judgments the incident ? the different and sometimes going beyond the purely sporting events. So, the newspaper "Sport" believes that UEFA has rightly punished Georgia. "It was clear beforehand that Georgia will not forgive knife, thrown on the pitch in the match against Ireland. But it's not just the knife and the fans. Someone wants to make the tension in the match between Georgia and Russia. Thrown on the field knife suggests that the power outage on the field Tbilisi stadium on October 12 of last year was not random ? according to the newspaper, adding that "all these things play into the hands of Russia, which have repeatedly staged a "smear campaign" against Georgia. However, it's a shame that this provocation with a knife ? the work of Georgians". The newspaper "24 hours" recognizes that the punishment UEFA fair. The journalists believe that the European football Union has failed to Georgia financial sanctions only because I had taken note of her dire financial situation. "Punished, however, the Georgian team that will lose the support of fans. But sometimes this support is crucial", ? the newspaper States. In addition, in the current Georgian realities match Georgia ? Russia was seen as one of the main sporting events of the year. Now the fans have no choice but to watch him on TV." The newspaper "24 hours" also publishes the comment of the Secretary-General of the football Federation of Georgia Valeria Cholaria, who believes that "Georgia expected such a verdict UEFA. If our stadium no set procedure, the European football Union is not limited to host matches in an empty stadium, and will apply in the future to Georgia tougher sanctions". We also got through to Valeria Cholaria and asked him to answer some questions of interest to us: ? Valery Alekseevich, the Georgian side has the opportunity to appeal UEFA's decision. Going to be doing? ? Here I sit and confer on this issue. ? Come to some conclusion? ? Until we came. But we still have time to decide, to weigh. There are 72 hours... ? Consider whether in Georgia, to the decision of the UEFA pushed the Russian side? ? Not in the least. Do not believe, did not and will not be considered. ? You have the papers said that the Georgian Federation were not fined for the riots at the stadium due to the fact that she had financial difficulties. Not going to comment on that? ? We are not responsible for the information that they give Georgian journalists. And comment it is not desirable. Because it's all nonsense, you yourself понимаете

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