Castroman to the roster

Castroman to the rosterMidfielder 'Lazio' Lucas Castroman called to the national team of Argentina, which on Wednesday will hold a friendly match against Uruguay. Prior to this, Castroman has played for the national team just one match against Mexico in December 2000. Countrymen Maradona won 2:1.Meeting with Uruguay will become the first home game of Argentina after the world Cup in Asia. All in all she's after failing in Japan and Korea played 6 matches, 5 of which were won and only lost one.For the match against Uruguay Marcelo Bielsa caused mainly players who don't have much experience playing for the national team. Thus it checks the players who can strengthen the team in the qualifying matches of the 2006 world Cup, which will start in September. Besides Castroman European clubs will represent only defender Mauro Cetto, previously not played for the national team..

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