Luis Enrique and Overmars almost got in a fight at practice

Luis Enrique and Overmars almost got in a fight at practice"When one has no argument, he clenches his fists," says an ancient Chinese proverb. There were arguments at linebacker, the Spanish "Barcelona" Luis Enrique during training of his team, or no, you can only guess. One thing is clear: if they were, then the player to appeal to him and did not immediately attacked his teammate Mark Overmars.The anger comes from Luis Enrique in that head coach Radomir antic at the end of the workout staged a "two-sided clash, during which Overmars played too hard against just recovered from injury Luis Enrique. The ankle after that last even had to tie up. After the game resumed, the midfielder has already played roughly against Overmars, and among them was the verbal sparring. Luis Enrique after that floated hands several times and pushed the Dutch striker. The incident promised to escalate into a fight, if not interfered with Carles Puyol and Xavi.After training, the latter said that such a thing is in order and we should not dramatize the situation. On the contrary, one can discern in this and something positive, for example, the players are aggressive, and the team there is the spirit of competition. The same thing is said by one of the defenders of the team, the Argentine Juan Pablo Sorin..

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