Shevchenko satisfied with the result of the match with Spain

Shevchenko satisfied with the result of the match with SpainAndriy Shevchenko, commenting on Saturday's qualifying match of EURO 2004 between the national teams of Ukraine and Spain, noted that it was extremely difficult and beskompromissnaya game, because its result was important for both teams."The Ukrainian team is satisfied with the result of the match, our team adequately opposed second, according to the FIFA rankings, world team, " says Shevchenko. - Throughout most of the match we were in front and, in addition, losing a few minutes to complete the game, able to equalize. The preferred tactics trainer is fully justified, because to play open football against the Spaniards almost impossible. Therefore, we operated mostly on the counter, which we did pretty well. I think we did not disappoint 82,000 fans in the stadium who fervently supported us, and millions of those who supported us on TV. For this we are all very grateful. We proved that we have a really good team that is not inferior to the giants of world football and is able to fight to reach the final of Euro 2004. Now just need to draw the necessary conclusions for any reason in the future to avoid mistakes that were made in the final minutes of the match against Spain".Commenting on his replacement, Andriy Shevchenko said: "Perhaps for most fans and journalists my replacement was unexpected. The stress for the fans and journalists, but not for the coach. At the end of the first half made itself felt my old injury. During the break I was warned about this by Leonid Buryak, who treated it with пониманием"

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