Vladimir Beschastnykh - in the 100 Club!

Vladimir Beschastnykh - in the 100 Club!Better late than never: today "SE" virtual ties to Vladimir Beschastnykh "tie" "the 100 Club", established our newspaper less than a month ago. The soul in such moments it becomes warm, and not only out of respect to the merits of the best sniper in the history of the national team of Russia, the champion of the country of all time for goals scored in qualifying, the Creator almost legendary goals: "with a noose around his neck against the Swiss and winning - the Yugoslavs, when the striker because of the treachery of "racing" a few months was in weightlessness beskhlebnova space.Heat also because the goals of Beschastnykh visible man is sincere, impulsive and grateful. One who is successful in the first year of playing for SV Werder Bremen said, "I will never forget what team became what he became." The one who did not hesitate to publicly declare: "If not Romantsev, me as a football player now wouldn't it." The one last year for the team meekly to fill in holes on the edge and in the centre of midfield. That, after all, who on the eve of the Champions League match with Sparta in 2001 emphasized: "I will play with full commitment, even if the stadium will come with two fans. Because it will be the most devoted fans of "Spartacus". And depressive atmosphere of deserted Luzhniki scored a beautiful goal.By the time heads of Beschastnykh has already exceeded one hundred. But his first two goals in the competition "100 Club" he had never forgotten. Such fantastic stories later years are recorded in the annals because 17-year-old teenager broke all the domestic laws of the preparation for matches!A graduate of the school of "Dynamo" and the FSM were preparing to conduct the first national championship in Spartak take. The day before the start of the match against FC Krylia Sovetov came home and heard from my mom: "You got a call from "Spartacus", requested to contact".Call in Tarasovka. The voice of red: "why not?" "But nobody told me that I'm under." - "You are not under the basis. You're in charge!" It is easy to imagine the shock of kid, not knowing that his colleagues Kasumov and Tatarkin (if injured in addition, Radchenko) failed to declare.But the phone was only a prologue to the Thriller. While Volodya get from Domodedovo to the Yaroslavl train station, took the last train. Long after midnight striker trembling hand again dialed the number of the head coach. And I heard: "Go to bed and come with the morning."During the warm-up in physical therapy CSKA he managed to break Slippers, which had to quickly change. But just six minutes after the starting whistle, the young man struck his head and broke into the story: on his account was the first goal of Spartak in the Russian Championships. And a half later, another one.Six weeks later, he will go down in history again - the last two goals in the history of the Soviet Cup. By that day, red-white did not take the Cup 21 years! The long-awaited victory came at an opportune moment: the future third scorer of all time (a title of Beschastnykh today proudly divides by Valentin Ivanov) forever gave Spartak a cult crystal bowl.As all the same it is a pity that the admission of such person to the "100 Club" is held without drums and fireworks, without sweet-anxious waiting jubilee goal! Alas, at the turn of football history and statistics including - not everyone is destined to join the ranks of scorers so, as they did in the first round of the championship-2003 Andrey Tikhonov. But justice is reduced in price from the fact that sometimes it is necessary to recover in silence archival cabinets?...After 6 October last year, when he with a penalty scored favourite "Wings of the Soviets", its as if someone jinxed. Nor in the last rounds of the championship 2002, nor in his new club - Turkish "Fenerbahce" or in the national team he has since scored once. Maybe the entry in the "100 Club" will remove your scoring curse, a certified sniper Beschastnykh?..Russian track record Vladimir Beschastnykh, although interrupted German, Spanish, and now Turkish "mission", however, is rich with extraordinary events.Born the third winner of the "100 Club" April 1, but the goalkeepers of both domestic and foreign clubs when they met him, here was the 12th year is no laughing matter. And Victor Hausu, first defended the colours of Wings" and then "Okay", is actually even cry. His debut in the championship of Russia 17-year-old Demon, as called forward in adolescence, began with successful doublet on the goal of "Wings" in the match "Spartak" won more than convincing - 5:0. Since then, the Spartacist took way regularly to discredit Gauss in the eyes of his fans - hung up on him both his hat-trick in the championship, and both. And just scored his gates with nine goals. More damage suffered only Lugansky Eugene Kryukov from Oleg Veretennikova ten.No less bright again doublet - Beschastnykh shot in the first Cup of the country - then the USSR/CIS. In the preliminary stages of the tournament debutant kept unnoticed, like partisan, appearing after the break to replace first in the quarterfinal match "Spartak" with "Wings of the Soviets", and then in the semifinal with Lokomotiv, and was more closely at the situation. Experience two halves plus an additional half an hour against the "Wings" had Beschastnykh for decisive action in the final. So much so that before it capitulated twice the CSKA goalkeeper and team Dmitry Kharin.Surprised first of all composure freshman in critical situations. Both goals he scored after transmission of Igor Ledyahova. Receiving a pass from him in the penalty in the 20th minute of the match, Beschastnykh immediately appreciated the goalkeeper's position and fired a low shot just wide of the post. And then even seen in its time journalist Arkady Galinsky could not contain her delight when Beschastnykh came on horse feed Ledyahova, his head just struck, and the ball hit the crossbar and bounced over the goal line. "Beschastnykh played amazing head! - admired master of newspaper and television reporting. - The ball was kind of nabereshsja!"Now the number of discharge nabereshsja" goals from striker exceeded one hundred. From clubs in the top, and then the Premier League this bitter fate miraculously has passed, "Rotor", Nizhny Novgorod "locomotive", "Chernomorets", "Saturn", "Ocean", Uralan, but against "Baltika" to play the striker did not have to. Circle favorite victims" Beschastnykh - 24 teams - not as wide as in Veretennikova, but surpasses Tikhon. "In the lead" "wings of the Soviets" - 8 goals, Lokomotiv and CSKA - 5, "Alania" - 4, Moscow "Dynamo" Kamyshin "textile worker", "Uralmash", "Lada", "Zenith" and "Falcon" - 3 (all - including Cup matches).The list of poor-goalies headed Gauss, eminent continue Sergei Ovchinnikov Andrey Smetanin - 4 missed goals, Eugene Plotnikov, Constantine Ledovskikh, Plato Zakharchuk, Zurab journalist, Vladimir Gabulov, Vyacheslav Malafeev, Roman Berezovsky - 3. The last in the championship, Beschastnykh printed only once, but twice punched him in the gate of the Armenian national team. And just a "collection" of Beschastnykh the names of 31 Russian goalie, among them in addition to Ovchinnikova three goalkeeper of the national team of Russia - Dmitry Kharin, Alexander Filimonov and Ruslan Nigmatullin.The number of foreign - too about this, only in matches against the national team of Russia - 22. Twice upset our winner of the best goalkeeper in world football in recent years Oliver Kahn. But if the first time after winning the match for the German super Cup-94 together with partners in Bremen Bremen he rejoiced in the victory over Bayern, last fall, along with other Spartak players left the field, with bowed head, after the defeat of the Bavarians in Munich - 1:5.19 Spartak goals Demon decided the outcome of matches in favor of his team (led to the victory or saved from defeat), 5 times his goals could bring victory to our team. Prior to departure abroad of Beschastnykh regularly scored for Spartak in Moscow and at the exit, but still largely remained "home" Bombardier 21 goals against 14 - away (League). Europe changed his scoring mentality. Now he has become much more likely to amuse, if not put out, the provincial audience for the last half of the Russian championship scored in away games 16 goals, while at home just 5.Beschastnykh - Bombardier nature - not a "lark" or "owl". In the first 10 minutes of matches (including for the national team) scored just 6 goals in the last five-minute - 5. It is the time when the opposing defence is to double, triple vigilance - the second quarter. With the 11-th to 20-th minute of our truly Voroshilov sharpshooter scored 18 goals. Particularly dangerous for 20 minutes, 4 goals. In the championship of Russia-93 there was a unique case. Two matches with the "Uralmash" Spartak then conducted with an interval of four days, and in both Beschastnykh scored in the 20th minute.A separate article - goals in matches for the national team of Russia, where Vladimir Beschastnykh - best scorer with the third result in the history of the national football - 26 goals. However, in his "scoring sheet" do not appear strong football world.

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