Georgia - Switzerland: match report

Georgia - Switzerland: match reportNow former coach of the national team of Georgia failed to say goodbye to the fans and the team on a positive note. The Georgians, who needed a victory, had to settle for a goalless draw in the match against the leader of the 10th group is Switzerland.From the players, proving to the world that their country can be proud of not only its banks, cheese and hours, you can expect more. Indeed, in this qualifying campaign they team beat Georgia at home with the score 4:1, and also scored a memorable victory over Ireland at Lansdowne road" - 2:1. The home team in the first half showed slender game in attack, but defended himself with dignity, and after the break we could have scored, but did not take advantage of the given opportunity.Defender Switzerland Ricardo cabanas could open the scoring in the 5th minute, but his shot unsophisticated - the ball fell an easy prey to their goalkeeper Georgi Lomaia. It is unlikely he would be able to help his team on the 18th minute when a cannon shot struck Bernt Haas, but fortunately for the hosts, the ball went wide.Soon Breaking has shown itself perfectly in one episode, countered good shot Hakan Yakin in the 26th minute. And then the game had to enter the goalkeeper at the other end of the field - Pascal Zuberbuhler perfectly reflected the ball, put Georgi Demetradze free kick. The Georgian team it was the best chance for a goal in the first half.At the end of an hour to bring success to a team Stefan could shapewise, but after his shot head the ball landed right in the hands Wringing. And with the exception of this episode confidently played defense national team of Georgia, where special mood to fight fidessa Otar Khizaneishvili.After the break, Alexander Chivadze, announced his resignation after losing to Ireland with the score 2:1, let the field Shota Arveladze and the Givi Didww. This move proved Georgians markedly increased in the attack, showing that the inevitable resignation of the coach had no effect on their morale.Demetradze, more often threatening goal of guests, almost became a national hero - in the 54th minute he got excellent penetrating pass, broke away from the guardian and not coming close to the goalkeeper, shot on goal. If not Zuberbuhler, which has taken the correct position and having repulsed the ball, the outcome of the match could be quite different. Then on the right flank individual skills flashed David Kvirkvelia, but to complete a series of cunning feints with an accurate pass, which had been waiting for the local fans, he failed.In the middle of the second half, the Swiss seemed to understand that a little blood them win fails, and went to attack the gates Breaking. In a good position on the 67th minute he found himself shapewise, but to break through on goal did not - again beautifully played by Khizaneishvili. By that time, as long-range strike in the 79th minute struck Murat Yakin, it was evident that both teams are already resigned to a draw.If the national team of Georgia seriously expects to take at least second place in the group, she needs to win and win. In particular - April 30, in the match against Russia, going so far in second place. The Swiss are in a much more pleasant position, but they will try to defeat the Russians in his field 7 June..

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