Techniques of youth. Ajax and Milan left the field, not scoring goals

Techniques of youth. Ajax and Milan left the field, not scoring goalsTuesday at the Amsterdam Arena local Ajax in the first leg of the Champions League match took Milan. Demonstrating high-quality football, Ajax could not acute enough to play in attack and allowed the Italians to go home with a goalless draw, which gives an advantage to the team Carlo Ancelotti.Unlike the first quarterfinals, where two great teams are measuring their overblown egos, the match Ajax vs AC Milan just stated the state of things that was obvious before the game. Young and arrogant "Ajax" good enough to become a headache for the best clubs of Europe. But Milan is not too brilliantly holds the end of the season, but wise enough to take her there, where he sees her.Despite circulating before the game, rumors, and allegedly injured Shevchenko, and allegedly tortured a high temperature Inzaghi came on the pitch in the starting lineup. But it was not reputed to be healthy Rivaldo, whose absence has significantly affected the ability of "Milan" create in attack anything meaningful. The other is responsible for the sense - Rui Costa once again half an hour in vain trampled lawn, and the natural result has been catastrophic toothless "Milan" in the attack.The first minutes of the match, the Italians managed angry attack ended mighty blow Shevchenko in the near top corner. Lobont set up for this shot both hands and saved the goal. Then within five minutes seemed aggressive "Milan" is configured on a quick goal, but this impulse soon stuck in the Dutch defense, other attempts to storm the Italians did not take more, and a volley of Ukrainians remained the last truly an acute threat to the goal of "Ajax". It is possible (and due to the lack of Rivaldo even very likely), Carlo Ancelotti intentionally gave the Dutch initiative, relying on the game at San Siro, but hardly in his plan was so hopeless game in attack. The AC Milan players this besprovodnoy too tired, and one of the most acute counterattacks failed, "Ajax" after the defender Nesta rushed to the gate, made a mistake and opened his area.The Dutch, on the contrary, played their best football. They had more possession, very confidently played defense and struck three times more blows to the opponent's goal. The main trump card of "Ajax" - excellent, phenomenal accuracy in passing and ball handling. The Dutch lost the ball only as a result of Milan's pressure, but inaccurate transmissions in midfield they almost didn't allow, and awkward, clumsy methods of the ball is not allowed at all. Because of this quite slow and completely devoid of scoring chances, the game looked very spectacular. The desire to "Ajax" not for a moment to loosen control over the game is evident in the desire of at any price to keep the ball in the box, do not let him go over the side line. For example, a black Hatem Trabelsi several times, risking injury, gave an incredibly selfless jumps and took out almost gone out the goals to which all waved his hand. As a result, "Ajax" was the continuation of the attack, and spectators the opportunity to watch the football, in which the quality of the transmission was delivered more fun than the plot, strategy or result.Translate this quality goals in the Dutch could. In one scene, the South African Pienaar, being in a favorable position, afraid to take the game over and gave the ball back under the blow caught meaningless. Then the same Pienaar (just after the error Nesta) with a lethal position shot on goal, but missed, and tried to correct the trajectory of the ball to van der Vaart only managed to send him very tightly to the pole. A couple of times, the Dutch delighted the audience blows his name head coach Ronald Koeman, who in his younger years he loved to bash the ball someone located far outside the gates of the skull. And that's it.If Milan and tried to hide her weakness for the game on defense in the second leg it will make it more difficult. So the match at San Siro will be for the Italians perhaps the most important of the season. In Serie a they do not own their destiny and depend on the results of Juventus and inter, but in the Champions League, Carlo Ancelotti's team are still able to solve everything myself. Otherwise brilliant season threatens to end in nothing.Philip Bakhtin.

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