Who is to blame ? yourself or potholes?

Who is to blame ? yourself or potholes?After the match, all interviewees players of the national team one way or another touched upon the subject of terrible Albanian roads.Karyaka no longer wants to Albaniasat goal late in the second half, Andrei Karyaka gave our team hope for a favorable outcome. However, as it turned out, it did not save the Russians from defeat.? Well, that voyages in countries such as Albania, happen in football biography infrequently ? says Karyaka. ? Personally I'm not for the world would not want to be back in that state. Why did you lose? You can, of course, refer to road disgusting, but it's a minor factor. Rather, against us was the fact that the judge was clearly sympathetic to the owners. The second goal was scored after Albanian played up his hand, a third goal Tara openly held Nizhegorodov. In General, the hosts fought as if Saturday's match was the last in their lives.? In our team you become the best on the field-? It would be nice if the scoreboard was listed another account. To score a goal in the national team is always a privilege, however, despite this, I feel disgusting.? Done in this episode to see where the goalie?? After a great pass from Dima Loskov, out of the corner of my eye I saw that Strakosha out of the gate. Could only send the ball past him.Tochilin forgot futbolculardand Alexander Tochilin in the match against Albanians first entered the field in a t-shirt of the national team. Alas, he believes his debut unsuccessful.? Dynamo Yugoslavs before the game with ill-concealed irony told you that you drive in the beautiful country of Europe? Well, really the impression, to put it mildly, not very. The roads are terrible, to get them to Shkodra was an ordeal. The city itself is also gloss is no different. Needless to say, Albania? Despite the defeat, you have a holiday today ? you made his debut for the national team of the country? Alas, the first pancake is always lumpy. Now will do anything to redeem himself. Unless, of course, will have a chance-? T-shirt save room on your memory?? You know, impulsively I threw it on the bench and forgot about it. Was so upset that I just got dressed and left-? During the bilateral match you spent some time speaking to positions flanking Hava? Yes, the last fifteen minutes. Although he had acted in the usual position of the Central midfielder. That I am entrusted with a place in the starting lineup, learned three hours before the game. Valery Georgievich approached me and asked if I'm ready to play on the left. I replied in the affirmative.? How do you feel now?? It doesn't matter. The team lost, I made not the best match in his career. Am aware that my actions were not expected acuity.Beschastnykh doesn't blame restoreselection Beschastnykh didn't refute the assumption that the quality of the game the Russians influenced tedious moving through Albania. However, the striker has insisted that the poor quality of the roads cannot be considered an excuse for poor performance.? How much in General it is true that the Russian team was forced to do before an important meeting such a long way on the road?? Bad roads can not serve as an excuse for our poor performance on Albanian soil. Although we cannot say that they did not affect the quality of the game. In any event, the stadium itself is in Shkodra to meet international standards fully.? How do you evaluate your performance?? Not inclined to separate it from the team. In other words ? unsatisfactory.? This failure complicates the task to take first place in the group?? A single drop. Three more points, three points less ? still we have to play with the leaders ? Ireland and Switzerland, and it is in them that everything will be solved.Roman Lanovenko.

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