Wings regain his game

Wings regain his game"Wings of the Soviets" don't score for almost a month and during this period scored only one point in three matches. These two facts taken aback recently fans in Samara. To problems in the attack were added problems in the defensive line - the injured Lillo, it was designed to replace only the pupil Samara football team - Alexander Anyukov. Error Chichkina in Yaroslavl, too, could not guarantee the reliability of the "last frontier", so for the first time in the season debuted Uzbekistan's goalkeeper Alex Polyakov. The second home match in a row "Wings" in the rain, so one could hardly expect a full house at the stadium "metallurg", and occupied before the match the samarians 9th place not too helps to attract the public into the stands. However, the stadium has collected nearly 20 million viewers, so many would envy and a lot of "Grands". Czech coach of Zenit of Petrzela problems with the composition is also missing, but lately, instead of retiring down players very handy fall yesterday's understudies, so the emergence of the new players such as Denisov and Makarov, no one is surprised. Even got a cold Kerzhakov to replace the Czech mentor simply nobody, therefore, in the application for the match in Petrograd with a gaping hole in the absence of the 7th reserve. The long-awaited appearance before Samara public ex-captain of the Wings, and now the midfielder Vladislav Radimov is delayed at least until next season: by agreement between the two clubs in the match against his former club Radimov took part and watched the game from the VIP lodges. Former captain without a lot of attention before the match to him in a solemn ceremony was presented with a Teddy bear number 2, under which Radimov played in Samara. The first dangerous moment created on the 8th minute Souza, his powerful free-kick fell into the wall. Zenit are in no hurry to attack all the forces that are actively using pressure. At the end of the first half playing the hosts completely dominated possession: 27 minutes long pass captain "Wings" Tikhonov brought Souza to rendezvous with Malafeev, the gate was left 20 meters, which the Brazilian ran like a jet. Then elegant trick he rosmanol the ball and Malafeev on opposite sides of the gate. 1-0. After three minutes, until the stadium is not yet finished celebrating the first goal, all of the same actors, Tikhonov and Sousa, played the free kick, this time the Brazilian assisted his captain, and he was clearly hit in the near corner. 2-0. The former immediately tried to rectify the situation, appeared on the Katulsky that on the first minute of your stay struck from close range on goal. Only a great response goalie "Wings" saved his team from conceding a goal before the break. In the second half, as they went out with a fighting spirit, but the owners seem to have seen all three points in the Bank for that bit and not paid. In the 51st minute of the samarians inadvertently left in the penalty Kerzhakov, who received a pass at the head from Arshavin, no one can prevent youth team striker to take an accurate shot from five meters on the goal of "Wings". 2-1. Zenit have appeared a good chance to get a draw. On Samartsev same goal had no effect, still the same adventurous game is ridiculous and losing the ball in midfield led to the fact that in the 53rd minute Vlasov long-range shot sent the ball on target, "Wings", this time again rescued Poles, dotyanuvshis to the ball with your fingertips. In the 62nd minute Tarkhanov tried to revive his team's game, substitute Bulyga tried his overbearing to shoot down attacking pressure of the guests. Attack "Zenith" and the truth is gone, only now host of chances Malafeev the actions of the Belarusian also not brought in, 20 minutes later the head coach Samartsev striker sent back to the bench, on the left Vinogradov. Youth team player of Russia in the first minute of his stay on the field was characterized by the fact that he got completely unnecessary yellow card, but then his actions helped create a few moments to Poskus. But, alas, barely recovering from injuries Lithuanian until he was ready to fight for 90 minutes and at the end of the match was to lose even the power struggle, in which he considered almost invincible. In stoppage time at the "Zenith" has gotten a second wind, attack followed attack, but the dividends for these actions did not bring guests. Thus, the "Wings" a month after a home victory over the "Alania" was able to win at home. Now the samarians ahead of Friday's visit to the Luzhniki stadium, where and are determined by the final position of the Wings after the first round. For losing I'm not ashamed. The team played on the road, and played to the end. In the second half, our team looked better than the hosts. Our team has many injured players, even Kerzhakov played with the flu. Not played Radimov, I don't even understand why Alexander Tarkhanov (head coach of "Wings of the Soviets"): was a very interesting game. There was plenty of movement and mind, struggle, moments. In the first half we had more advantages, in the second half for 10 minutes we sat down. Beaver is not yet ready to play. Leiston it turned out well and closed his area. It was the most difficult game at home. In the match against Shinnik I liked the game more than today, though there we missed, as they say two "optional" goals. Souza, 27, Tikhonov, 30 - Kerzhakov, 51 Warning: Poshkus, Ovie, Vinogradov June 23. Samara. The stadium "metallurg" TEAMS: the Poles, dehaan, Bushmanov, Ovie, Anyukov, Kovba, Tikhonov(K), Souza, Karyaka(Leyton, 67), beaver(Bulyga, 62, Vinogradov, 82), Poshkus : Malafeev, Kiriza, Lobov, Vjestica, mareЕЎ, Bystrov(Katulsky, 39), Denisov(Flowers, 83), Arshavin(K), Vlasov, Makarov(Astafiev, 72), head Judge: Smith (Nizhny Novgorod) Photos from the official website of "Wings of the Soviets"".

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