What and how much. Russian Premier League is worth $150 000 000

What and how much. Russian Premier League is worth $150 000 000The total budget of Premier League clubs is about 150 million dollars. This was the conclusion we came and had a question about the resources you have clubs and their managers. Said nothing only representatives of "growth" and "ruby". Apparently, they have something to hide.Valery Filatov, President of "Locomotive":? Our budget will likely exceed last year's $ 20 million. It was half the funds allocated by the General sponsor of the club of the Moscow railway. It is worth to mention that the money earned by the club in the Champions League 2002/03, we will receive in the fall. Yevgeny Giner, President of CSKA:? Our budget has not changed much compared to last year ? 10-12 million dollars.Andrew Chervichenko, President of Spartak:? If you do not take the cost of players, it's about 12-15 million dollars. Transfer approximately five million plus.Vladimir Aleshin, President of the Board of Directors of "torpedo":? 7-8 million dollars. This is enough for a team that aims to compete for medals of the Russian championship.German Tkachenko, President of Wings":? About 18 million dollars.Nikolai geluk, CEO of Saturn-REN TV":? According to the law on tax exemptions in the Moscow region "Saturn" will receive 150 million rubles, or about $ 5 million. 29 million roubles have been allocated to the content of the soccer complex.Alexander Konyashin, General Manager of FC Shinnik:? The estimated amount is $ 10 million. The budget of FC Shinnik is replenished from three sources. This sponsorship money, as well as the budgets of regions and cities.Yuri Zavarzin, CEO Dynamo:? We planned that the budget will amount to $ 22 million. But this ideal. Before the end of 2002 received 2/3 of the sum - about 15 million.Vladimir Goryunov, President of the "Rotor":? The state allocated to the club 100 million rubles. About 2 million dollars, we hope to earn at the expense of its own economic activity. Vitaly Mutko, President of Zenit:? The club budget is about $ 12 million.Yuri Belous, General Manager of FC torpedo-metallurg":? Our budget consists of three sources. First, of all the means that provides the company "Norilsk Nickel". Secondly, it is money sponsors. Thirdly, their own financial and economic activity. We expect that the budget for the current year will amount to $ 8 million. But it will be significantly less in the event if you do not get money from sponsors and not make its own financial and economic activity.Yuri Shishlov, technical Director "Uralan":? This year we can count on the order of 8 million dollars, which the club receives from sponsors.Batraz the Bitarov, General Director of "Spartak-Alania":? Presumably meet 6.5-8 million dollars. This is the minimum amount to be able to play in the Premier League.George Antonian, Vice-President of FC Chornomorets:? The club budget is the 242 million rubles (about $ 8 million. - Approx. ed.), which are highlighted in the Krasnodar territory on the content of "Chernomorets".Sergei Zimmerman, Sergey Egorov.

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