To redeem for Albania dream Sergei Semak and partners

To redeem for Albania dream Sergei Semak and partners1. How do you feel about the last UEFA decision to allow fans into the stands during a meeting of the national teams of Russia and Georgia?2. What are your feelings about going to Georgia?3. Can we say that the upcoming match is crucial for the allocation of seats in the standings in our qualifying group?Benjamin], goalkeeper:1. Still enjoyable to play in front of full stadium, even if they support rivals.2. I almost never go back to the memories of the October trip to Georgia. Now it is important how to tune and play your best game.3. Game in Tbilisi is very important. After the victory in the match will return us the first place in the group.Valery CHIZHOV, goalkeeper:1. In the current situation, I think, not worth it to deprive the fans of the show. And to the UEFA decision I reacted positively.2. Last fall I in Tbilisi did not go. So for me, the upcoming match is not replayed, but just the regular meeting of the qualifying round.3. The three points that we need in dispute correspondence with the Swiss for leadership in the group.Viktor ONOPKO, defender:1. It is always better to play with an audience. While safety is a concern for the police and local authorities.2. All my thoughts only about how to achieve victory.3. Whatever the outcome we will have an even more important away matches against Switzerland and Ireland.Anton RAGOCZY, defender:1. This is the right decision. It is better to play in front of the fans.2. There's no excitement: 30 April, no doubt, all will be fine.3. The victory opens up excellent prospects: can we go back to the first place in the group. Igor YANOVSKY, midfielder:1. Of course, the Georgian team received additional support. But the play when the audience is much nicer.2. The first match in Georgia already forgotten. As for security, I hope that the Georgian side was able to learn from previous incidents-3. Victory will make it much easier for us out in the final of European championship. But do not forget that there are still many matches.Spartak GOGNIEV, midfielder:1. I am for the game with the fans. Another thing is that the audience are different: someone is going through for the team, and someone kicks up a row-2. Try not to think about any football-related things. The main thing at the moment is to take all three points.3. At the moment, Yes. Although, apparently, every game will be crucial.Igor SEMSHOV, midfielder:1. With the fans play a much more pleasant than in front of empty stands.2. Our case ? come out to play, to solve their problems and not be distracted.3. In the qualifying round of each game ? key.Dmitry ALENICHEV, midfielder:1. This is the right decision. We're playing for the fans! What football action without them?2. Some concern has: it is Georgia ? it's not Italy or France-3. First team need to prove it to the fans for the failure in Albania.Alexei SMERTIN, midfielder:1. Not players to judge the legality of decisions of UEFA.2. Fear does not have. Although, of course, memories of the first game is not the most pleasant. Especially about how our team is traveling to the airport, "welcomed" the Georgian fans. Stones-3. This trip was, without doubt, very important for us, but no more than the rest.Evgeni ALDONIN, midfielder:1. It is always better to play with the audience than with empty stands. Georgian fans, stored six months tickets with the October match, earned the right to come to the stadium.2.

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