Bolton - Arsenal: match review

Bolton - Arsenal: match reviewArsenal had to win. But, "Bolton" the situation is not so hot, the team still has not secured a place in the Premier League. That is why the owners kept battling and in the first few minutes playing with the "gunners" on an equal footing. They also created the first scoring in the 12th minute. Pedersen beat of a difficult position, but very cunningly, but the ball missed the gate. "Bolton continued to pile on the pressure, and soon a dangerous blow Okochi's free-kick flew just over the bar. Arsenal, for a long time could not find his game, despite the fact that the search was conducted continuously; forwards maneuvered, and Midfielders constantly tried to find them on the front line, but all to no avail. Arsenal took the lead only to the end of the period. Dangerous attacks were noted Ljungberg and Henry, but the success was not achieved.The second half was an exact copy of the beginning of the last game with "Middlebrow".At the same 47th minute Sylvain Wiltord scored the hosts, scoring from two yards. It should be noted brilliant game Thierry Henry, who, having broken down the flank, gave a perfect pass into the box on his compatriot."Bolton," snapped a seven minutes. Frandsen is extremely dangerous header from outside the penalty area, but the seaman demonstrated enviable reaction, pulling the ball out from under the crossbar. But Arsenal rivals not forgive such a mistake. Robert Pires beautiful grassroots Curling shot struck the gate of Jaaskelainen. The "Arsenal" trouble lay in wait. Injuries and were replaced by Ljungberg, Xigang and Lauren. Losses are serious, and Arsenal lost both in attack and in defence. "Bolton Wanderers" were made desperate attempts to win back. One such attack resulted in a goal by Yuri Djorkaeff who successfully ordered rod bounced off the ball. In "Bolton" there was a chance that the team tried to use it. Immediately the owners there was one moment, however, the near corner is securely closed seaman. After that, the perfect opportunity to score was Henrik Pedersen, but the goalkeeper Arsenal again rose to the occasion. Arsenal counterattacked, but the Londoners in the end lacked precision. "Bolton" still got his way. On the 83rd minute after the filing of Djorkaeff from the free kick, Martin Keown his head sent the ball into his own net. It was a cold shower for Arsenal, the draw for which is equal to the tragedy."Bolton", is likely to retain a place in the Premier League, and Arsenal may have lost the title in this match..

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