Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano: after the match

Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano: after the matchMorientes:"These two goals is the best way to celebrate my birthday, this is the best gift; although the best gift was, after all, win. The winner was real Madrid. The match was difficult and, thanks to God, having done a lot of work, we managed to fight back and win."""We know that the team is very strong competition. To score the way I did it is the best thing that can happen to any player. Previously, I celebrated the goals of my friends. Now I celebrate my own."The one who did not watch this match, you may see it in the images is quite deceptive, but this is the greatness of football. You don't deserve these three goals, but three minutes you get."Perhaps the players are to blame, they were actually a little tired. But I know from experience that the ten days there is usually reflected in subsequent matches."Portillo:"everything has come out great. I hope to enjoy a lot of minutes on the field and score more goals. I hope that from this point on I will have more opportunities. Getting into the main part is a very long way, and everyone here decides a coach."We have the best fans, which only can be. They behaved brilliantly and supported us until the final whistle"."Think I completed the task on this tour. We made a big step forward. If God wants, and not all will turn back, we will become Champions, I have no doubt. We have made an important step forward."Manchester will be on Tuesday, but we also show another way that is different from what today was. It will be a great match."Solari:"We fought until the end, but the best part is that we did it patiently. On the eve of the matches that lie ahead, this is very important, it raises our morale. We are in no way was hoping to score goals the way we did, in the end, we always prefer early to determine the course of the game, but sometimes there is no opportunity to score a goal. In addition, "Rayo" has reached its limit"."It is clear that "absences" in teams of harm. I think for most of the match we played, but we had the initiative and was never accepted the idea that we didn't score. Sometimes we attacked all seven. We were looking for an opportunity to score at any moment. We equalized and was looking for a goal in the next attack. Rollins Morientes and Portillo is something amazing. We are lucky to have such great hitters. And their services even more because, as they are not so much".PavГіn:"In such matches win Championships. In the final we'll remember about the importance of these three points. The question here is not the lack of attitude to the game, because every time the referee whistles the start of the match, we are fully in the game. The problem is that they played very well, but we don't".Salgado:"The best was the result. The game is not supposed to depend on what we did before in the League. We were very lucky because the first half we played very badly. This is a typical match after playing for the national team, a match that calendar comes after 10 days of concentration on games for the national team, and followed by Manchester. Good thing is that we won and that we have dealt another blow to our competitors."This is largely a difference. With this win the confrontation will be very different. We will realize that we did. We knew it would be an awkward match. This was a strange game. You can call it luck, but you need to look at what we have achieved up to this point. This match is not associated with the rest".This will be a very different game, not opposite in form, but by the way we will come to the game. Motivation is very strong. Against Manchester United, we can't be wrong. We will have more time to prepare for this match, two days, because to prepare for yesterday's game, we only had 1.5 days. On Tuesday you will see another "real".Iker Casillas:"It was the weirdest three points that I have ever won. This is football. We were lucky, but because we were hunting for good luck. We never lost the match before the final whistle goes. For what we fought and fought, we were eventually rewarded, but I recognize that he who would listen to the broadcast of the match on the radio, wouldn't believe what happened."""I hope that luck will not leave us, and further, that she will accompany us until the end of the Liga. Lucky for us, we fought, and were very persistent"."People who know him, who know what it is, you know, how hard he was going through. Fernando is a phenomenal man; he is silent, he held steady all the time, and today he would be rewarded for it. He deserved it"."Before that, we didn't think about "Manchester".

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