Fire Koroman: Waiting for calls from Serbia

Fire Koroman: Waiting for calls from SerbiaMidfielder Dynamo fire Koroman missed the first three matchdays for disqualification. This tournament cut the team of Viktor Prokopenko passed without loss. But - here's the paradox! - when Koroman returned to service, the team to win ceased. And here in Elista, the Dynamo finally defeated along with the Yugoslavs, and he showed last year's game by scoring two goals and becoming one of the heroes of the tour.- I really liked the field in Elista, said yesterday Koroman the correspondent "SE".- It is one of the best we've played this season.- That is, it is because the field Dynamo was nearly all?" Including. It looks like it is just perfect for our team.- Coach Uralan" Igor Shalimov was going to preach in Russia, the Italian model of football, with particular emphasis on protection. However, Dynamo managed to score five goals...- don't know what there intended to do Uralan, but my team showed the football of a higher class. Yes and outstanding defensive builds, to be honest, the opponents have not noticed.- When was the last time you scored two goals in one game?- To be honest, I don't remember. In my opinion, when I played for OFK Belgrade. In Russia still failed.- Last Wednesday, the national team of Serbia and Montenegro lost to Germany in a friendly match. Were you expecting a call on this match? I'm ready to play for his country at any time. And I really want to get called.- Perhaps this will happen when the head coach Dejan Savicevic will come to Russia... you Know what he's going here, and I expect that I will be able to prove that I am worthy of an invitation.- And after the match with "Uralanom" you from Serbia called?- Not yet. Apparently, friends and journalists still do not know the result of our match. Most likely, the calls will start in the evening. So now I sit and wait.Maria KRAVCHENKO.

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