Manufactured plastic football team of Russia

Manufactured plastic football team of RussiaMade the first batch of plastic figures of players in the national team of Russia on football. It includes such famous masters of leather ball, as Dmitry Loskov, Sergei Ovchinnikov, Sergei Semak, Alexei Smertin and others.As told to the correspondent of RIA "Novosti" one of the authors of the idea, the head of the manufacturer company "Siren" Vladimir Morozov, figure height - 7 cm, they are made of soft plastic and are the first of a series of similar gifts that will make up the collection of the "League of stars", which will include also the famous Russian athletes football, hockey, volleyball and basketball clubs.According to Morozov, the process of production figures is quite time-consuming. The work begins with photos of the character into a design layout. And only after 2-3 months, the light appears ready figure. And, as he said the author of the project, while, unfortunately, have to use the services of Chinese artists, whose services cheaper and better domestic producers..

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