Dzodzuashvili gave the Rotor a trap

Dzodzuashvili gave the Rotor a trap"Alania" was to prove the randomness of the recent victory over Spartak, especially in the case of a regular win, she was finally able to protect themselves from the state of outsiders.the, which always fell on the starts of the three previous seasons. "Rotor", by contrast, is already thinking about how to get out of the back of the standings. It is with this thought he arrived in Vladikavkaz, especially that from the first minutes of the match, the circumstances were in favor of the cuts." And all because when dzodzuashvili "Alania" began to preach defensive football, even playing at home.Report match is no exception. From the outset, Vladikavkaz gave the advantage to the opponent, almost the whole team went on their half of the field teams and forward only Ashvetia Yes Mr mikholap that from time to time be given the opportunity to counterattack.However, in the first half lunges "Alania" special acuity had not, therefore, "Rotor", not particularly worried about the rear, a large force was coming forward. But to realize the territorial advantage in dangerous scoring chances and failed. Yes, and "Alania" is not particularly excelled in the creation, and therefore the first 45 minutes the audience was that bored. And only occurred at 20 minutes was amused by them. Potters brought the ball out of his penalty, the wind playfully brought it to the opposite goal. But in the end, nature is little not calculated - the ball went over the net.15-minute break to benefit the teams went. On the perfect lawn still was sticky and dull football and football couldn't bring ourselves to call it. And then dzodzuashvili thrown in young Ailarova, which instantly transformed the game. Here Bazayeva derive one-on-one with the Keeper but his effort into heaven. In the similar moment Ashvetia rammed Volgograd defense, punched over the crossbar. Rotor also tried not to doze off, he created two chances to score. In the 64th minute from a distance much struck Radkevich, and potters hardly sent the ball out front. Immediately the owners said touchdown point. In front of the line Bazaev beat two defenders, but the final pass on Ashvetia failed.After a few minutes on the field there was a very amusing episode. On the field jumped the fan and taking a spare ball from Goncharova, made a sprint to the gate Rotor. The players and the referees stood speechless, and OMON fighters could not figure out what to do with pseudomalachite. And that meanwhile he ran the goalie Volgograd Pareiko and hammer the ball into the goal, then rushed to the corner flag and celebrated the most important goal in his failed career with jubilant East grandstand. And only after that fell into the hands of powerful guys from Riot police.To keep up with home fans was shameful, and red-yellow has made a final assault that led to the success in the 86th minute. Ailarov clearly used his only chance. After beating two defenders, he calmly threw the ball over the collar of the goalkeeper and brought his team to a second win in the championship."We made the opponent tactics viscous games, and when he relaxed, took advantage of this," concluded the coach of the owners Revaz dzodzuashvili. "I see no reason to shy away, you need to analyze the cause of another defeat and start out from the bottom of the standings, with sadness noticed the head coach of the Rotor Vladimir Fayzulin. Vadim Tahirov.

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