Facchetti: to Coach inter is much more complicated than Juve or Milan

Facchetti: to Coach inter is much more complicated than Juve or MilanGiacinto Facchetti, Vice-President of inter, "Yes, trauma Vieri is certainly not a serious loss. After all, he is now regarded as the strongest striker in Europe, and maybe in the world. We hope to be able to reach the final, where he will help us. His injury is treated only by time - 20 days it will be ready. Then, in nine games, where Vieri did not participate, we only lost one. Our forwards are almost always able to adequately replace him. And let's not forget that Crespo and Kallon was treated almost 3 months that did not allow us to carry out the rotation properly. Milan are the favourites in the upcoming Derby? Derby is a game where the favorite is often on the blades. Who will be the best curb nerves and will be colder, and that will take place in the final.Wherever I played today, would be if the current player? On the flank. I think today the players edge easier than it was in my time. In today's modules of the game they don't have to care about what's behind you is one or two attacking opponent, it is easier for them to attack, and they expend less energy than the players of the past. We bought Coco in a position where I played, but unfortunately, Francesco this season failed health problems. Fortunately, we have seen that very adequately replaced Coco.Recently I told Cooper that to coach inter is much more complicated than Milan or Juve. Here each cloud threatens to turn into a cloud, and there - on the contrary. Inter more than others in the spotlight. When inter at the top it seems to everyone that it is in order, and when the problem starts, it starts like this barrage of criticism, which have neither Milan nor See. And it was always so, even in times of Herrera. And frankly, I don't know why this is so. Today, for example, the departure from the Champions League would cast more doubt on the work of Cooper, rather than a place Ancelotti on the bench in Milan. I am glad that two teams from our city made it to the semifinals, and all the Milanese should be proud of that". www.interomania.ru.

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