CSKA. Without arrogance

CSKA. Without arroganceAbout Spartak - exclusively with uvageniem army camp not even a hint of negligent attitude. About Spartak CSKA players say let them reluctantly, but respectful. Still, the nine-time champion! Bad start of the red-whites belong to the category of accidents and Sunday don't expect an easy ride. Worried about the quality of the field at the stadium "Dynamo" and categorically reject all talk about what a bad pitch, he says, support for their team.- None of us are promised to defeat Spartak with the score 4:0, as wrote one newspaper. The match will be difficult, and we'll be satisfied with any victory. So you really, please, restore justice, asked us at the end, the army team.We also did it. With Jarosik and Laizans the next day, still talked on the phone. It is a pity that Danny was unable to speak. Before the guy from Troitsk uncomfortable now.Jarosik warns: Czech Republic favorite Derby is always proigrivateli CSKA Jiri Jarosik already has experience in meeting with Spartak. In the years of playing for Sparta Prague and below it three times within the Champions League took the field against the team of Oleg Romantsev.- Despite the positive balance our play duels (Czech club twice won and one match ended in a draw), conceding every time they showed a very strong football, " recalls Jarosik. - They were impressed with the stadium in Luzhniki. Well, the leader of "Spartacus" was Titov, who is still at the club. I really heard, his injury, and he won't play against us.- This is somewhat outdated information. Titov on Sunday to take the field in the starting lineup. And who else do you remember to meet with people?- Kovtun and Kebe.- Your prediction for Sunday's match? First, much depends on the state of the field, which I heard is not in very good condition. Secondly, it is scary to admit that we are the favourites in this game. In the Czech Republic there was a sign, which worked well in matches Derby Sparta - Slavia: favorite always lost. I hope that in Russia it is not valid. Objectively speaking, CSKA should have the advantage at the expense of the game, the house walls and more powerful fans support.- Aware of the importance attached in Russia, CSKA - Spartak?- Teammates and some of our fans have told us that the meeting with the red-white - the most important of the season.Laizans believes: showing his game, his team definitely Pobeditelei experts believed that with the advent of CSKA Jarosik in the composition will cease to get Yuri Laizans. However, the Latvian midfielder scored such form that Valeriy Gazzaev had to find him a new place on the field. Found his coach on the left side of midfield.- How did you survive the change of roles? - the first question Laizans.- Quietly. The main thing that it brings results. Once we win, that means everything is correct.- Sunday you 90 minutes played in Kiev against Ukraine national team, then flew to Moscow. How would you rate your functional state?- Everything is in order. Season because just started, we are ready for it. While the matches in three days on the fourth't bring much hassle. And about the game with Ukraine will say that she was optimistic at. No wonder our team started well in the qualifying group. In Kiev, had to draw the match, but the referee awarded a penalty, which I would call "home".- What CSKA can beat Spartak?- At the expense of his game, which is based on pressure. If you manage to catch it, will surely win. However, the nine-time Russian Champions, as usual, require some respect. Probably a good thing that we meet the red team at the start of the championship, when the new team only in establishing the cooperation. But the final answer to this question, we will get in Sunday at six o'clock.Benjamin]: it would be Better "Spartak" won in the first two Torahs Wednesday in the Cup match of the Premier League with Zenit army goalkeeper Benjamin Mandrykin replaced already at the twentieth minute. With the question "How are you?" he started our conversation. Now the consequences of a kick in the leg can barely feel it, " says]. - But at the first moment of feeling was not pleasant. In the locker room I immediately got two stitches on a cut wound just below the knee. But the main thing is not damaged bones and ligaments. Sure I can participate in the game against Spartak.- Spartak remain for CSKA as the biggest rivals or lost this status to "locomotive"?- Don't know how anyone, but for me there is no more principled meetings than with Spartak. The red-and-white big army of fans, so before our matches with him rises terrible excitement.- And you share expressed by many of the opinion that "Spartacus" sample spring 2003 - the weakest in Russian history? Already last year, has ceased to operate the rule that Spartak have won any match you want. It is clear that the selection of players in the team this year is not as strong as before. Built a new team that needs time to gain cohesion. It is difficult to do in the first two rounds any predictions on what it will be able to compete.- Friends from "Spartak-Alania" said something about a meeting with red-white?- According to them, "Spartacus" this year is weaker than what it was last season. However, this says nothing. CSKA or Lokomotiv, Spartak will play a completely different game because otherwise it will be attitude to match.- CSKA became stronger than himself last year?- At least supranee and Peterlee - that's for sure. There was a lot of newcomers, now only three.- The arrival of one of them you probably are particularly excited about?- Mean Kusov? Yes, of course. Known him for twelve years - we're the same age, went to school together in Spartak Vladikavkaz school, then played in the youth teams, in duplicate, "Alanya"... ... and I came up together in the "Youth"?- No, our paths did not cross.

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