CSKA have forgotten how to win without scandal

CSKA have forgotten how to win without scandalHaving won a fourth consecutive victory, this time over Dynamo 3:2, CSKA extended his lead in the standings of the championship of Russia on football. Like a week ago in the match with Spartak, was not without scandal: blue and white questioned the fact the second goal into his own net.A multimillion-dollar financial injection, it seems, the most beneficial impact on pretty zahirevshy in recent years, the Dynamo body. For the first time since Konstantin Beskov at the start of the championship team without any points lost, which immediately affected her position in the standings, where the blue and white is located at the very top after three rounds, sharing first place with the army.However, we cannot say that such a meteoric rise has given the club a little blood. All three matches Dynamo international completed with a minimal advantage, and all of crucial goals the owners of the arena in Petrovsky Park held in the second half of the game.On the eve of the Central match of the fourth round mentor Dynamo Viktor Prokopenko was expecting a pleasant chores.Suspension period is over, the best player of the club last season of Karamana, resulting in a place in the squad had to deprive the hero of the previous meeting with FC torpedo-metallurg" Chesnauskisa, who started the game on the bench.Not without some permutations and CSKA, on the bench which was not zahvoravЕЎij Valery Gazzaev. I wonder what happened they are not where they could be expected. Failed the match with Spartak Berezutsky brothers received another vote of confidence which, in turn, lost Kusov and Laizans, the latter never appeared in the application. As it turned out later, Yuri was unwell, and coaching staff of the army decided to give Latvian Legionnaire day of rest.My current tally is the best, along with Jarosik, by the way, who started the game at right-insider, sniper championship Semak could increase in the fourth minute of the game, but it sighted header after passing out on the game with a special spirit in Gusev incredible jump pulled out a string of Berezovsky.I must say that special feeling during the game, it seems, had not only Roland, but another former Dynamo Gogniev in recent times in a striking form. Distinguished themselves at the end of March for the youth team, Spartacus and the club decided to prove that his goalscoring qualities he lost still.It is difficult to say what expressions teammates described the antics of his only collection and captain Tochilin, but most likely, they were unlikely to be parliamentary.After this error Dynamo midfielder'd run even from children's football school.Instead of simply to make the ball from his own penalty area, a red-haired football player, remembering Albania, for some reason, decided to demonstrate his phenomenal technique, for which he was punished. Intercepting the ball Gogniev moved a few feet forward and powerful "charge" under the crossbar. Thus CSKA Moscow punished his opponent for being too wasteful, the consequence of which was the exact Ms. in the bar, which happened just a few moments before the goal.Curiously, getting into the rack has some magical sign for both teams, because missed CSKA immediately after such misfortune execution Jarosik. Appeared on the left flank Koroman made filigree cross in the penalty area, where Shershun safely missed lanky Bulykin. Clear the header, and is 1:1.The expected surge of emotion, oddly enough, was not followed. The only notable episode was the combination involving Gogniev and Jarosik, but has acted as her tip Popov could not throw Berezovsky.At the start of the second half has decided to recall its "metallurgical" feats replaced dyomkina ДЌesnauskis, but his protracted road to the gate of the lonely Mandrykin managed to break back in the defense Gogniev.And then suddenly got nervous Berezovsky. What does someone have to worry if the ball clear after hitting the final part of the canopy Semak of Jarosik completely crossed the goal line? Fortunately for the army, chief justice of the meeting Egorov correctly understood the situation and goal, to become the Czech Legionnaire in the fourth season, scored.Secured the success of his team not too noticeable until this moment Popov. Like a knife through butter stalwart army forward cut right flank of the Dynamo defense, "through" Slovak Michal Ganeca, and in the fall had to push the ball into the net.An intriguing ending the game provided unexpected goal left unattended Chesnauskisa, who from close range literally shot Mandrykin. More, despite the reinforced bulk at the last minute, to achieve the nominal owners failed.Defeating the second time in a row with a score of 3:2, the army recalled last year when a similar proportion of digits in the matches of CSKA already met five times, with four not in their favor..

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