Julio Salinas: the Coming change champion

Julio Salinas: the Coming change champion? In the 28th round have been several significant developments. First, "real" has increased the gap to six points, and did it not without a little luck. In the match against Rayo Vallecano star players did not show championship game, Ronaldo has played one of their worst matches in "real". Only thanks to the home team Morientes avoid the embarrassment. The player enough ten minutes to prove to everyone: he remains a top-class striker, able to almost single-handedly decide the outcome of the match.Secondly, Deportivo were swapped with the "real Sociedad", which, apparently, tired compete with the giants.Thirdly, Valencia dropped out of the race for the title. To repeat the success of the 2001/02 season the club was not under force. Amazingly, weakened by injuries the team in the middle of the championship played quite smoothly. Now, when in Valencia almost all healthy, she suddenly stalled and parted with the hope to get his sixth in the history of the gold. So the coming change champion.Finally, the fourth event worthy comments related to what is happening on the bottom of the table of the tournament. Recreativo finally left the last line, which "moved out" "Rayo Vallecano". The coaching change that occurred in winter, "Rayo", not much help to the team. In the match against real Madrid wards Gustavo Benitez showed teeth, but to stay in the first division, the club of Madrid is still unlikely..

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